Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Home

A living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and in-ceiling speakers.

A Whole-Home Audio Installation Offers Corner-to-Corner High-Performance Sound

Audio defines our days, yet how often do we take it for granted? We turn on our playlist or the morning news when we wake; tune into audiobooks, podcasts, video conferences, and more of our favorite music during the day; and relax with our favorite series or a great movie by day’s end. There’s rarely a moment that sound does not influence our moods, the environment, or the information that affects our daily decisions. It’s a powerful medium.

How do you listen to this powerful form of communication? Many people's audio sources are smartphones, computers, TVs, stereo systems, and other digital devices. Their Bluetooth speaker accompanies them to the backyard and kitchen. The kids can be seen with headphones on as they wander through the house. 

Today’s technology offers a better method for embracing the power of sound. A whole-home audio installation provides richly detailed sound throughout your home and outdoor areas, controlled from an intuitive touchscreen. With one touch, you choose the audio source, the room, or your entire home, and enjoy. 

Let’s explore the makings of whole-home audio and how it enhances your everyday living in Dallas, TX.

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The Benefits and Features of a High-Quality Sound System

Two Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers in a room.

Enjoy the Immersive Experience of High-Performance Audio

Numerous studies have shown that music can lower stress-related hormones, lift our moods, and even ease pain. William Shakespeare understood this over 400 years ago, saying, "Music can raze out the written troubles of the brain.” It can bring us joy or sadness, motivation or relaxation, and transport us back in time. It’s a powerful medium. 

In light of its capabilities, we owe it to ourselves to experience it as the creator intended, hearing every note, detail, and beat. To accomplish that, you need a high-quality sound system for your Dallas, TX, home—a system that transforms your listening experience.

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Bring Beauty and Perfect Illumination to Your Home

A living room and open kitchen area with numerous light fixtures.

Create the Perfect Amount of Daylight and Electric Light with Smart Lighting Control

Lighting plays a significant role in a home’s design. In fact, some designers consider it the most important feature. Sunlight streaming through windows, under-cabinet lighting that leaves a soft glow, and architectural lighting illuminating a home’s best features in washes of light can almost leave you breathless.

Yet, how often do we experience our home's lighting at its best? Our days get busy, our nights busier, and before we know it, a day's gone by, and while our lights helped us perform the tasks at hand, they fell far short of leaving us with a sense of wonder. 

Today’s home automation system changes that. Now, your daylight and electric light are controlled with one touch or automated to respond to life's daily activities. Filtered sunlight finds its way through translucent fabrics, lights take on the soft glow of a setting sun, and lights the color of golden candlelight set the stage for dinner.

Let’s explore how the latest lighting control makes managing our home’s lights effortless, enjoyable, and breathtaking.

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How Can Luxury Speakers Transform Your Daily Audio Experience?

A living space featuring luxury speakers from Bowers & Wilkins

Bring Music & Media to Life Throughout Your Home

Our home media can impact every part of our day. Whether you’re enhancing an everyday moment or taking a party to a new level with music, your home AV should meet your needs for any occasion!

Upgrading your Dallas, TX, home’s soundscape can transform how you experience your entertainment entirely. Let DeVance Electronic Lifestyle bring luxury speakers from high-end brands to your property today, and learn more about this solution’s many benefits by reading on.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio Video with Solutions from High-End Brands

A Sonance outdoor speaker among a backyard’s foliage.

Experience Unparalleled AV in Your Backyard All Year Long!

Who says your best entertainment can only be found within your Dallas, TX home’s four walls? Your interiors aren’t the only living spaces that deserve high-end audio-video performance. But upgrading your outdoor audio-video system shouldn’t be something done with standard products. You need high-end solutions from trusted brands in the industry for your backyard setup.

Outdoor speakers and TV displays meant to endure the elements and wear-and-tear of nature are best for your upgrade. Keep reading below to see which top-tier products from leading brands we recommend for your outdoor space!

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3 Ways Smart Lighting Can Save You Money

A bedroom uses dimmed lamp lighting in the evening.

Learn How Dimmers, Sensors, and Timers Help Lower Energy Use

How many times do the lights get left on in your house? Unfortunately, it happens more often than you know, costing you additional money on your utility bill. But pairing a smart lighting control system with dimmers, sensors, and timers throughout your home is an easy way to cut back on unnecessary energy use. 

Not only is smart lighting a money saver, but it is also a daily convenience you will enjoy in your home. Many clients say they didn't know they needed smart lighting, but they'd never go back once installed. We'd love to help you experience smart lighting and see if you love it as much as they do.

Continue reading to learn how dimmers, sensors, and timers work with smart lighting to save energy in your Dallas, TX, home.

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The Ultimate Surround Sound Experience for Your Home Theater

A large home theater with plush chaise lounge seating, a large screen, and a Sony projector.

Create the Immersive Cinematic Experience with the Latest Home Theater Systems

Thanks to advances in home audio and video technology, the increase in on-demand video streaming, and movie servers like Kaleidescape, custom home theater systems are more popular than ever. These entertainment spaces bring the immersive cinematic experience to homes in Dallas, TX, and nationwide. 

Where do your thoughts turn when you envision your private cinema? For many people, the picture that pops into their mind is the brilliant life-like images on the large wall-size movie screen. And, while this is certainly top of the list in essential home theater elements, it's the audio, the immersive surround sound, that takes you into the scene depicted on the screen. 

Let’s explore the makings of the ultimate cinematic experience and how the audio sets the stage.

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The Definition of High-End Audio and the Brands that Deliver

A listening room with Klipsch loudspeakers and two blue chairs.

Bring High-Fidelity Sound to Your Home Via Whole-Home Audio Systems and Designated Listening Rooms

High-end audio means different things to different people. To the audiophile, it may translate to a designated listening room with custom acoustic treatments and premier tower landscape speakers. Other clients enjoy the whole-home audio system that utilizes strategically installed and carefully calibrated nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to deliver high-fidelity sound to every room in their home. 

Both immersive audio experiences require the equipment delivering commanding power and clarity. At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we partner with industry leaders in home automation and audio-visual technology to bring our clients the best high-end audio solutions. 

Let’s explore a few of these brands and how they’re transforming how homes in Dallas, TX, experience sound.

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Why Choose a Custom Home Theater?

A custom home theater featuring a large projection screen from Sony and luxury seating.

Make Your Entertainment Space Uniquely Yours!

Where and how you watch your movies and shows in your home always impacts how the media makes you feel overall. You don’t want to watch favorites on a low-quality screen with audio you can barely hear! Your home media deserves a dedicated space that can provide stunning audiovisuals, luxurious seating, and an overall atmosphere that caters to your viewing needs. 

Set your home entertainment apart from the standard. A custom home theater design and setup ensures that every time you press play, you’ll feel transported entirely. Check out why a custom home theater is a must for your Dallas, TX entertainment space. Keep reading below for more.

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A Whole Home Lighting System Gets You Ready for the Holidays!

A holiday gathering around the table to a drinking toast.

Make the Most of Hosting & Spending Time with Loved Ones

The holidays are upon us! And the season for long-awaited gatherings and reuniting with loved ones is also quickly approaching. Is your home ready to host? Even if the dinner parties are small or casual, you still want to create the ultimate cozy and welcoming atmosphere for every guest.

Your whole home lighting system has a significant role to play in setting the mood across your entire Dallas, TX, property. With elegant fixtures and innovative features, your lighting system can transform the holiday season at just the press of a button. Find out how your upgraded home lighting can create a festive home environment for every occasion by reading on below!

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Meetings Are More Effective with High-End Commercial AV

A meeting in a conference room using commercial AV for a video call and presentation.

Keep Participants Actively Engaged during Every Business Meeting

How productive are your company meetings? Do you find that your AV technology has frequent problems, resulting in delays and ineffective gatherings? When your commercial audio-video systems aren’t up to par, your teams will suffer the consequences.

Upgrade your company’s commercial AV system, and watch as its advanced solutions and reliable features enhance every meeting, presentation, and video conference call. Keep reading below to learn how these innovative commercial technologies can completely transform your business in Dallas, TX!

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How Multi-Room Music Brings More Enjoyment to Your Life

A living space with Bowers & Wilkins speakers and sound solutions as part of the entertainment and whole-home audio setup.

Revitalize Every Room with Whole-Home Audio

Music has a way of livening up even the most ordinary and mundane moments - from regular tasks to even sitting and relaxing in any living space. When you can experience your music and media when you want and how you want, it changes everything.

Now, what if you could listen to your music during special occasions and even the ordinary events in your life . . . but play it anywhere in your house? With a whole-home audio system, you enhance every moment - big or small. So what are the benefits of this sound solution, and how can you make the most of it? Keep reading below to find out more!

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Enhance Your Family Time & Gameday with Outdoor Audio Video

A father and daughter enjoying their outdoor audio video with a fireplace and outdoor lighting around them.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Setup!

Your backyard is the perfect gathering space this holiday season for football games, family movie nights, and game nights with friends! But is your outdoor audio video up to date? Create the ultimate outdoor oasis this winter with advanced audiovisuals and a cozy space for everyone to enjoy together.

From stunning screens and surround sound to outdoor lighting and heaters, you can customize your backyard to become the go-to spot for every type of home entertainment. Make the most of your outdoor spaces in Dallas, TX, during the holidays and all year round! Keep reading below to find out more. 

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A Custom Lighting Design Livens Up Your Whole Home

A bright living space with several lighting fixtures contributing to its overall lighting design.

Bring New Life to Your Entire Property 

Are you looking for a revamp to the same rooms you see day in and day out but aren’t wanting a full-on remodeling project? A less intensive transformation can occur with upgraded home lighting. Your rooms benefit from a proper lighting installation where each fixture caters to the space in question! But how can you achieve this strategic setup? 

Work with a lighting designer like Devance Electronic Lifestyle. With a professional lighting design across your Dallas, TX property, you can experience a dazzling home atmosphere in every living space. Find out how the right type of lighting impacts your whole home by reading below.

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High-End Shading Solutions Bring Elegant Lighting to Your Whole Home

A kitchen space with Lutron shading solutions.

Let Your Window Treatments Reshape Your Living Spaces

With a simple adjustment to your automated window treatments, you can change the atmosphere and mood in any area of your home! Professional shading solutions have the power to shift the dynamic across every living space, and only the most reliable, high-end shades are what you and your Dallas, TX home deserve.

From improving your surroundings to adding convenience to your daily routine, smart shades from Lutron can also bring your whole interior design together. Easily managed and seamlessly integrated, this innovative solution is essential for every smart home setup. Want to find out? Keep reading below.

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How Can Lighting Control Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics?

A bedroom with lighting control gently illuminating the space.

One-Touch Control Lets You Illuminate Your Personal Design

Lighting can change how you feel and experience your surrounding environment. For instance, think about how a beautiful sunset or sunrise enhances a landscape and your perception of it. So why wouldn't lighting have the power to transform your interior design? A professionally installed lighting control system and design will bring out the best of your Frisco, TX home.

With just the tap of a button, give your interiors the shine they deserve. Keep reading below to learn how this smart solution enhances your personal surroundings!

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Create a Smart, Productive Workspace with Commercial Automation


Manage Your Business’s Many Systems with One-Touch Control

Can you imagine a day in the office that flows effortlessly? The balance between natural and electric light is perfect, with lights that automatically shut off in unoccupied rooms. Soft, inspiring music drifts through preprogrammed areas and shuts off during meetings. The meeting in the boardroom and the video conferencing sessions go off without a hitch, with crystal-clear audio and images and remote collaboration tools that increase productivity. 

In the hands of an experienced integrator, Crestron commercial automation offers all of that and much more. Let’s explore the benefits of automating your business in Frisco, TX.

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High-End, Luxury Speakers Enhance Your Home Soundscape

Bowers & Wilkins luxury speakers as part of a home audio system in a living space.

Choose the Right Audio Solutions from the Best Brands!

How you experience your Dallas, TX home’s soundscape comes down to the quality of your audio setup. You need speakers and solutions that best serve your property’s unique layout and acoustics, ensuring you get the best high-end audio performance possible every time you press play. 

Luxury speakers from top-tier brands can enhance your immersive media experience in any area of your home - so let DeVance Electronic Lifestyle bring the best speakers to your living spaces today! Want to find out more? Keep reading below.

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Why Work with a Home Automation Company?

Integrator working with homeowners on their home’s layout.

What Are the Real Benefits of Teaming Up with the Professionals? 

Approaching a smart home installation of any size can feel quite daunting, especially when it’s your first time integrating these technologies in your Dallas, TX property. But the great news is that you never have to tackle these projects on your own! 

When you work with a trusted home automation company like DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, you can breathe easy knowing our team of experts has your entire process covered from start to finish.

So, what can our high-end integrators offer you that you can’t find with DIY solutions? Keep reading below to learn about the benefits of teaming up with our smart automation experts.

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Create a Sleek & Streamlined Look with Hidden Technology

A living room with a TV installed within the wall as hidden technology. With hidden technology, you can have the best of both worlds: top-notch quality and enhanced home design for your Highland Park, TX living spaces. Discover more about these sleek, smart solutions that create a streamlined home environment across your property!

How Lighting and Hidden AV Enhance Your Desired Interior Design

One of the main obstacles to bringing smart home technologies into your home can be figuring out how they’ll merge with your existing interiors and home decor. You want high-end solutions that perform optimally - but at what cost? You never want to compromise your personal interior design for the sake of your smart system’s functionality.

But with hidden technology, you can have the best of both: premium-quality products and enhanced home design for your Highland Park, TX living spaces. Discover more about these sleek, smart solutions that create a streamlined home environment across your property!

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