Celebrate Our New Showroom’s Grand Opening with Us!

DeVance Electronic Lifestyle’s showroom with several smart technologies and audio-video components on display.

Come See Top-Tier Smart Home Technologies in Person 

Our Grand Opening Event is almost here! And it’s the perfect time for you to come visit our brand new showroom and see our stunning smart technologies in action. On October 15th from 11am to 3pm, you can experience our new showroom firsthand with its stunning setup and high-end solutions and features. 

Are you interested in checking out the best in smart home technology, 2-channel audio and more in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Grab a bite, take in some great music, and learn about how smart automation can benefit your daily lifestyle at our Grand Opening Event! 

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Experience Upgraded Commercial Conferencing for Your Next Meeting

Commercial conferencing room with laptop on table and lowered screen.

A Reliable Setup & Trusted Solutions Make All the Difference

Maintaining consistent and thorough communication across your entire Dallas, TX company is no easy feat. Especially when hybrid workforces these days are a mix of remote employees and those in the office regularly. So how can you bridge the gap between your teams and ensure every employee feels seen and heard in every meeting?

With upgraded commercial conferencing solutions from our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, you’re sure to experience your boardroom design in a brand-new way - and keep every collaborative gathering on track and productive!

Want to find out more about these high-end, innovative technologies and features and how our integrators can help bring them to your conference room today? Read on below.

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Revitalized Game Day With a Custom Home Theater

A home theater with a sectional, large screen, projector, pool table, and wine tasting area.

Enjoy an Immersive Experience in Your Home Theater

Some home theaters are dedicated to the fine art of cinematic viewing. Clients with this use in mind may opt for tiered movie seating, LED-lit cup holders, giant screens that envelope a wall, and projectors that descend from the ceiling. What if movies aren’t your top priority? Every home theater is uniquely designed with the homeowners' and their family’s lifestyles and daily activities in mind. 

Accordingly, we're dedicating this blog to families looking forward to football season just around the corner! Of course, the best part of a home theater designed for the big game day is that it still offers the ultimate movie viewing experience, outperforming even our best cinemas. 

Let’s explore how a home theater designer creates the perfect game day experience in your Dallas, TX home.

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Experience Unparalleled Audio Performance with High-End Speakers

Two Bowers & Wilkins high-end speakers in a living space.

Never Go Back to Standard Sound Solutions for Your Favorite Media

When you hear music through a high-fidelity sound system, you won’t just listen to it - you experience it! And when it’s your favorite music playing, you’ll never want to go back to listening to your media in a standard format again.

But for high-fidelity performance quality, it all starts with the product itself. High-end speakers make the difference between a standard playback experience and an immersive one that absolutely transports you! Read on below as we dive into upgrading the soundscape throughout your Dallas, TX home.

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4 Ways to Create a Multi-Purpose Media Room

Home media room with dark feature wall and big screen television, large picture windows with curtains, and brown leather couches.

A Media Room Can Be a Space For The Whole Family

A media room can be an excellent investment for families. We recommend creating a multi-purpose media room space that is great for family entertainment time, working from home, or studying with friends after school. 

Unlike a home theater, typically in its own space, you can design a media room for an open-concept living room or other family gathering space. With these four simple enhancements, you’ll create a multi-purpose room in your Highland Park, TX, home that the whole family can enjoy.

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Upgrade Your Commercial AV for Employees & Guests

People sitting at a conference table utilizing commercial AV solutions with a man doing a presentation near a TV.

Create a Collaborative & Immersive Atmosphere

The environment where your employees work has a significant impact on how they feel and perform each day. An upgraded commercial AV system is essential in creating a workspace where your employees and clients can collaborate and communicate well.

With stunning audiovisuals, you can take any business to the next level! From corporate settings to dining areas and retail spaces, a commercial AV system is a must for your Southlake, TX property’s overall atmosphere. Want to learn more about this smart solution and how it can benefit your company? Keep reading below.

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What Exactly Is Hi-Fi Audio?

A living room featuring Bowers and Wilkins speakers on either side of the fireplace.

Experience Your Media Like Never Before

How your favorite media sounds impacts the overall listening experience for you and your family. And in your own Dallas, TX home, you deserve the highest level of audio for every performance.

With hi-fi audio, you can enjoy your home entertainment in a brand-new way that surpasses anything you’ve experienced without heading to the local cinema or concert hall. But what does hi-fi mean exactly, and how does it differ from a standard soundscape? Keep reading on below for more!

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Integrated Building Control Brings Your Team Together

An office space featuring integrated building control.

Create a Streamlined Workday with Building Automation

Want to make the workday flow easier for everyone in the building? Integrated building control brings convenience and connectivity to every corner of your Dallas, TX offices, letting you manage the space with the tap of a button.

Top-tier building automation for your company is a must for a streamlined workday and smoothly run daily operations. Learn more about what this type of system and setup means for your business by reading below! 

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Work with a Trusted Audio Visual Company for Your Installations

A home theater featuring a video display implemented by a professional audiovisual company.

DeVance Electronic Lifestyle Makes Every Project a Breeze

Bringing high-end audio-video systems and solutions to your Southlake, TX home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking - at least, not when you team up with a professional company like DeVance Electronic Lifestyle.

Our trusted audiovisual company can guide you through every step of your AV installation process and ensure that the end result far exceeds your expectations. Check out what our expert integrators have to offer for your next audio-video project by reading about our design-build process and installation services below!

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Create the Ultimate Collaborative Space with a Video Conferencing Setup

Employees in a huddle room using video conferencing solutions.

Bring Your Teams Together with High-End AV Solutions in Place

Creating spaces for meetings and collaboration among your employees doesn’t have to be a hassle. No matter the size of your Dallas, TX office building, you can bring the right video conferencing solutions to any room and set up a space dedicated to productivity and efficiency.

DeVance Electronic Lifestyle brings high-end technologies together to bridge the gap between your remote and in-office employees, ensuring everyone stays connected throughout the workday. 

Want to learn more about upgrading your AV equipment and elevating your conference room design and setup with the proper tools? Keep reading below, and keep daily operations on track! 

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Top Benefits of a Control4 Home Automation System

A Control4 home automation system interface on a touchscreen tablet.

Upgrade Your Smart Home with High-End Solutions & Features

Your home should be a personalized oasis you can return to or spend your days in on end - each room and part of it serving you and your family for specific occasions and moments. Home automation systems can deliver convenience, comfort, safety, and more with just the tap of a button! Control4 is a leading brand in the industry that can provide a centralized system for your entire Highland Park, TX property.

Want to learn what the top features of a Control4 system are and how they can help you make the most of your smart home? Find out about these luxuries and more below!

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Amp Up Your Home Audio with a 2-Channel Amplifier

A home stereo system and setup featuring audio solutions like a 2-channel amplifier.

Trust DeVance Electronic Lifestyle with Your Installation

Your home media provides entertainment for everyone you welcome into your home. From guests traveling from afar to friends down the street to your own family - you want to offer the ultimate entertainment atmosphere in your Dallas, TX, home for everyone to enjoy together. But is your home audio setup up to the task? You want a high-end stereo system that can reach everyone in the room and immerse them in high-fidelity audio.

Power the high-end speakers in your setup with a 2-channel amplifier, delivering an unparalleled sound performance right in your own living space. Want to find out more about upgrading your home stereo system and how our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can help? Keep reading below.

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Visit Our AV Showroom & Immerse Yourself in a High-End Atmosphere

High-end audio-video solutions within an AV showroom.

Check Out the Latest in Audio-Video Solutions for Yourself!

Bringing high-end audio-video equipment into your Dallas, TX, home can feel a bit unnerving, especially if you are just learning about the intricacies of these types of setups and installations. You might know which brands you prefer or how you want your entertainment space to sound, but you aren’t quite sure how it’ll all come together.

Instead of finding out after the installation process, come check out these audio-video solutions for yourself in our AV showroom in the Dallas, TX, area! Learn more about what this dedicated space has to offer you by reading on below.

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Savant Smart Home Automation Makes Daily Use a Breeze

A homeowner using their Savant app interface to access all their smart home automation systems and solutions.

A Sleek & Stylish Interface Creates an Accessible Smart Home

Smart home automation elevates every aspect of your day spent throughout your Dallas, TX property. From top-notch solutions that provide comfort and convenience to smart security solutions that can protect your entire premises – there are smart home components to benefit everyone and every part of your home. 

And while a smart home can create the ultimate environment for you and your family, managing its technologies should never be a hassle! High-end smart home control lets every family member and guest feel at ease operating your systems – and Savant’s sleek interface ensures zero frustrations.

Want to learn more about this high-quality brand’s interface and how our team can bring this setup to your smart home today? Just keep reading on below.

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Experience Top-Tier Outdoor Entertainment for Your Summer Events!

A family enjoying time together with their outdoor entertainment in their backyard.

Bring The Fun Outdoors with High-End Audio & Video

Why keep the fun contained inside this summer? With the warmer weather and relaxing breeze, the outdoors just beyond your door is the perfect setting for your next get-together or party. But to make your Southlake, TX backyard the place to be this season – and all year long – you need an upgraded outdoor entertainment setup.

With the right AV solutions in place, you can elevate any outdoor event or scenario. Read on below to see how you can best optimize your outdoor setup and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather – and how DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can help.

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A Professional Conference Room Design Makes All the Difference

Employees utilizing a professional conference room design and setup.

Prepare Your Setup for Success with Top-Notch AV & More!

When your Plano, TX company runs on consistent communications, you need a conference room design and setup that promotes efficiency and productivity for every meeting! So what does yours currently look like – and what components does it entail?

A professional conference room upgrade will benefit everyone on your team and provide the perfect collaborative space for any meeting, brainstorming session, or important presentation for both your employees and clients. Learn how our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can bring this space to life for your entire company – read on below for more!

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Optimize Your Backyard This Summer with an Outdoor Video Upgrade

A family enjoying an upgraded outdoor video setup in their backyard.

Elevated Outdoor Spaces Make for Memorable Days with Friends & Family

Summer is practically here! And your family is itching for summertime fun and special times spent outside in the refreshing breeze on the patio or anywhere under the sun! But how can you upgrade your backyard entertainment to make the most of these outdoor spaces?

An elevated outdoor video setup makes all the difference for your next day spent outside with family and friends. A vivid screen display that can withstand the outdoor elements becomes the ultimate centerpiece for your Dallas, TX, backyard – bringing your favorite media beyond your interior walls.

Want to find out more about bringing an upgraded outdoor video system to your property? Keep reading below.

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Improve Company Communications with Commercial Audio Video

A company boardroom meeting and video call featuring commercial audio-video systems and solutions.

Are Your AV Technologies Up to Date Throughout Your Offices?

In recent years, newly formed hybrid teams have worked to bridge the gap between employees working from home and those in the office. But without the proper commercial audio video in place, both ends of your team will only meet delays and frustrations. Upgrade your company’s systems for improved communications and an overall boost in morale!

Advanced AV can reshape your entire office atmosphere and culture – from your conference rooms to your entryways and workspaces. Keep reading below to learn how these innovative solutions can transform your company in Plano, TX.

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Upgrade Your Home Media with a Hi-Fi Speaker Setup from Focal


Immerse Yourself in an Elevated Home Soundscape Today!

Once you’ve heard high-fidelity audio, there really is no turning back. Bringing this level of audio performance into your Dallas, TX, home is possible and can also be a seamless installation with the help of our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle. We know the ins and outs of high-end home audio and what your system needs.

In this blog, we’ll dive into a hi-fi speaker setup from Focal and what their audio design can do for your home soundscape! Keep reading below to learn more.

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Commercial AV Improves Every Part of Your Workday


High-End AV Solutions Transform Your Work Environment!

How productive and efficient your employees and staff are throughout the day often comes back to how well they communicate with one another – and how comfortable they feel in their work environment. When their surroundings are dull and unmotivating, the overall morale takes a hit.

But you can improve communications and camaraderie as well as elevate your interior design with upgraded commercial AV! From stunning displays and high-end distributed audio to top-notch conference room solutions, your Dallas, TX, company’s audio-video components can re-shape the whole workday. Find out more about these innovative technologies by reading on below.

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