Explore the Benefits of High-End Turntables from Trusted Brands

A McIntosh turntable with two shelf speakers on either side of it.

Experience Your Music & Media at Its Best

In an age of digital music streaming and portable devices, it's easy to overlook the allure and enchantment of vinyl records. However, for those who appreciate the warmth, depth, and authenticity of analog sound, investing in a high-end turntable can be a truly transformative experience. From meticulous craftsmanship to unparalleled audio quality, these musical instruments offer a range of benefits that evoke a sense of nostalgia while delivering an outstanding listening experience across your whole Dallas, TX, home.

But to experience this level of media performance, you need the right turntables from the most trusted brands in the industry. Keep reading as we explore the best in high-fidelity audio that McIntosh and Pro-Ject have to offer!

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Revolutionize Your Audio Experience with Hi-Fi Audio by McIntosh

Little girl sitting at the kitchen table with headphones on, her eyes closed, smiling.

The Ultimate Sound Solution for Your Texas Home!

Are you looking to add hi-fi audio to your Dallas, TX, home? If so, you're making a fantastic decision. Embracing high-fidelity sound delivers an unparalleled listening experience to every room in your residence. 

DeVance Electronic Lifestyle is happy to offer the legendary audio performance of McIntosh to our clients. Keep reading to learn more about how hi-fi differs from the sound you're used to and how McIntosh manages to take things to another level!

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Top Reasons to Work with a Lutron Dealer for Your Lighting Installation

A home, seen from the exterior, illuminated by Lutron lighting fixtures and solutions.

Make Illuminating Your Whole Home a Breeze with Lutron

Lighting can create the ideal living experience across your entire property. But to achieve the quality of lighting design that you crave, you need a professional’s touch. You want to make the most of your curated decor and personalized interior design - so a proper lighting control installation from a team of lighting experts is a must.

Brighten your living spaces with zero hassle when you work with a trusted Lutron dealer! Our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can reshape your entire University Park, TX, home with a detailed and customized lighting design and setup that meets all your needs and preferences. Keep reading below to find out more.

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Maximize Efficiency and Collaboration With Commercial AV Solutions

Photo of the outside of a conference room with glass windows, a team meeting inside, and a video screen at the front of the room.


Commercial AV can improve your Frisco, TX, business operation by enhancing communication and streamlining your workflow. There are many components of commercial audio-video solutions, and DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can help you find the ones that will work best for you.

Upgrading your existing business AV, or installing brand-new ones, can be intimidating, but it's necessary as more businesses embrace remote work. Keep reading to learn about which AV solutions permit your staff to give input and collaborate, regardless of where they live and work!

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Discover Luxury and Endless Entertainment With Whole Home Audio

Image of a clean and streamlined bedroom with a bed, minimal decor, and two aesthetically pleasing speakers on either side of the bed.


Does your Dallas, TX, residence lack luxurious sound and entertainment capabilities, regardless of room? Whole home audio is the perfect solution for you, bringing incredible sound and a dash of luxury to every corner of your Texas home. 

DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can keep your entire house, extending to your outdoor living spaces, completely connected from an audio perspective. Keep reading to learn more about our HiFi services and how adding clear, crisp sound elevates many factors surrounding your home.

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Devance Electronic Lifestyle was Named Focal by Naim's Dealer of the Year in 2022

The Focal Powered by Naim section in DeVance Electronic Lifestyle’s showroom.


At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we design and install customized audio, video, and home automation systems unique to every client. Our goal is to create tailored technology solutions that enhance everyday lives, bringing ease of living and the best entertainment. 

One of the systems that undoubtedly offers elevated living and greater enjoyment is high-end audio. Whether 2-channel audio in a designated listening room, surround sound in a home theater, or a whole-home audio system, high-end audio transforms a home’s environment. One of our partners and favorite brands in this arena is Focal Powered by Naim. 

We’re honored and excited to share that Focal Powered by Naim named us the dealer of the year in 2022! Focal Powered by Naim combines two of the leaders in high-fidelity home audio, creating an unparalleled experience. The brand now boasts about 10,000 international retailers.

We've developed a fully immersive showroom to give our clients an in-person experience. Here, you’ll find Focal Powered by Naim on display, where you can kick back, grab a drink, and listen to the latest and greatest in 2-channel audio. While you're there, you can also check out the innovative technologies that make up today’s smart homes.

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Learn the Difference that High-Quality Home Theater Receivers Make

A home theater with a large movie screen displaying a cityscape and in-ceiling speakers powered by Marantz.


Home theater receivers have revolutionized home entertainment by enhancing audio and video quality. These devices create an immersive experience while letting you connect the AV components, including speakers, subwoofers, gaming consoles, televisions, and projectors. 

No one piece of equipment is responsible for the quality of your home theater experience. The projector displays the image, and the speakers project the audio, but the receiver brings all these together, decoding sound formats and switching between sources. It's also the user interface that lets you interact with your home entertainment. 

Additionally, if your home theater is also the go-to for gaming sessions and listening to the high-fidelity sound of your treasured vinyl, you’ll need an AV receiver that can handle it all. To say it’s an essential part of an immersive home theater experience would be an understatement. 

At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we specialize in creating tailored technology and home entertainment solutions that are easy to use and enhance our clients' everyday lives. Today’s possibilities in home theater design offer some of the best entertainment available. 

Here, we’ll explore the part the receiver plays and how Marantz has transformed the experience.

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Collaborate From Anywhere with Today’s Video Conferencing

A video conference meeting using Crestron Flex with four people viewed on the display and four in the meeting room.

Create an Inclusive & Engaged Workforce

We’ve all experienced it—video conferencing gone wrong. It may be a last-minute request with key decision-makers or a hybrid meeting with remote workers, but it's clear as soon as you log into the meeting that all is not as it should be. 

It may be challenging to see everyone in the room. The speaker is in an obscure corner, and the all-important visual cues are impossible to read. When the PowerPoint slide appears, it dominates the digital display, reducing everyone else to a small corner. When someone asks a question, you have no idea who it is or what they said. 

There is a better way to ensure all your online meetings in Frisco, TX, run without a hitch and that all participants are visible, heard, and engaged. At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we have extensive experience as audio-visual integrators, custom designing and installing AV solutions ranging from huddle rooms to multiple conference rooms in large corporations. To accomplish this, we partner with Crestron and Biamp, industry leaders that offer state-of-the-art AV technology. Let’s explore what they bring to the table.

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Experience Smart Home Automation in Every Room

A living space featuring various smart home automation solutions.

Elevate Your Living Spaces with Innovative Solutions Across Your Property

How can smart home automation impact daily living across your Dallas, TX property? Smart solutions throughout your home can offer comfort, convenience, and more for you and your whole family - and all at just the press of a button!

But how can these innovative technologies elevate the various areas of your home? And how can DeVance Electronic Lifestyle help bring this ideal home environment to life for you? Keep reading below to find out more.

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A softly illuminated kitchen with appetizers and wine setup on the island.


There was a time when our lights remained one hue, either soft or bright white. We walked into a room and flipped a switch, and the space illuminated, providing safety and enabling a 24/7 lifestyle. Today, it can do so much more.

Smart lighting has transformed how we brighten our homes in Dallas, TX. It sets the mood for every event, provides peace of mind when we’re away, and creates a healthier environment. And it’s all controlled with one touch on a high-resolution touchscreen, keypad, or mobile device. 

Let’s explore this changing world and how the latest technology brings beauty, elegance, and ease of living.

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Luxury Audio Enhances Your Home Soundscape

A media room setup featuring speakers from Bowers & Wilkins.

High-End Speakers & One-Touch Control Deliver a Top-Quality Performance

Once you experience your favorite music through high-fidelity speakers, there is simply no returning to a “standard” home audio setup. Luxury audio transforms your home media, letting you hear the music as the artist had initially intended and right in your own living room.

But how can you make the most of your high-end audio setup? An upgraded soundscape can liven up any gathering and enhance your everyday lifestyle at home. Keep reading below to find out more about these high-fidelity audio solutions and how our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can help make them a reality throughout your Dallas, TX, property. 

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Enhancing Daily Operations with Easy-to-Use Technology

A huddle room with five people sitting around a table on their laptops or tablets. A speaker stands by a display.

Increase Company Performance with a Commercial Audio-Visual Installation

In today’s competitive and rapidly changing commercial environment, AV integration plays a critical role in a company’s success. Whether you’re looking to extend your brand awareness, enhance that all-important first impression, or create a better work environment for your staff, a professional commercial audio-visual installation provides the comprehensive technology to help you reach your goals and increase your company’s performance. 

As one of the most experienced audio-visual integrators serving Dallas, TX, DeVance Electronic Lifestyle specializes in custom designing, installing, and supporting AV systems. Let’s explore a few of the most popular solutions. 

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One-Touch Lighting Control Transforms Your Day-to-Day Routine

A kitchen living space brightened by lighting control fixtures.

Shape Your Day Around Your Seamless Lighting Control

The right lighting can dramatically change the mood and atmosphere of any given space. And with smart lighting control, you can manage every lighting fixture with ease! Did you know that one-touch lighting control can reshape how you go about your day? The simplicity of this innovative setup creates an effortless daily lifestyle for you and your family.

From morning to evening, you can experience the luxurious benefits of smart lighting control across your Dallas, TX property. Want to find out more? Keep reading below.

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Creating the Ultimate Private Cinema Through Strategic Design

A home theater with a Sony projector, large movie screen, tiered sectional seating, and acoustic paneling.

Defining a Custom Home Theater Installation

Are you considering the ultimate entertainment space for your home in Dallas, TX? If so, your thoughts have undoubtedly turned to the designated home theater. It’s a room that offers the best in immersive audio and lifelike images, a place that transcends time and carries you away to unknown lands, encapsulating you in other people’s lives.

Accepting the reality happening on screen requires brilliant, true-to-life images that occupy your field of vision and high-performance audio that engulfs the viewer. At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we create home theaters that transcend the quality of your local multiplex. 

Of course, we know that not everyone is looking for the big screen experience. Some of our clients prefer a media room with a hidden 4K HDR TV and speakers, where tiered recliners give way to plush sections. A custom home theater installation is just that—customized for your unique needs, dreams, and desires.

Let’s see how it’s done.

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Top Reasons to Work with a Home Automation Company

A kitchen space featuring smart home solutions.

Ensure that Your Smart Technology Installation Runs Smoothly

Creating the smart home of your dreams isn’t out of reach. However, approaching the task alone can feel overwhelming or like you don’t have the resources to see it through. When you work with a trusted home automation company like DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, you can rest assured that every last component of your installations runs smoothly and efficiently.

So what does working with our integrators entail? What are the top reasons to team up with DeVance Electronic Lifestyle for your Dallas, TX home’s upcoming projects? Keep reading below to learn more.

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Let Upgraded Commercial AV Transform Your Work Environment

A conference room featuring a large video wall.

From the Lobby to the Boardroom, High-End AV Makes All the Difference

Create a collaborative and informative work environment with upgraded commercial AV across your entire Dallas, TX building. High-performance audio video components are not only beneficial in the boardroom for video conferencing and presentations but also throughout your business in communal areas.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits of a professional commercial AV installation for your whole building and how these various integrations can promote productivity throughout the workday. Find out more about these innovative solutions by reading below!

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Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Home

A living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and in-ceiling speakers.

A Whole-Home Audio Installation Offers Corner-to-Corner High-Performance Sound

Audio defines our days, yet how often do we take it for granted? We turn on our playlist or the morning news when we wake; tune into audiobooks, podcasts, video conferences, and more of our favorite music during the day; and relax with our favorite series or a great movie by day’s end. There’s rarely a moment that sound does not influence our moods, the environment, or the information that affects our daily decisions. It’s a powerful medium.

How do you listen to this powerful form of communication? Many people's audio sources are smartphones, computers, TVs, stereo systems, and other digital devices. Their Bluetooth speaker accompanies them to the backyard and kitchen. The kids can be seen with headphones on as they wander through the house. 

Today’s technology offers a better method for embracing the power of sound. A whole-home audio installation provides richly detailed sound throughout your home and outdoor areas, controlled from an intuitive touchscreen. With one touch, you choose the audio source, the room, or your entire home, and enjoy. 

Let’s explore the makings of whole-home audio and how it enhances your everyday living in Dallas, TX.

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The Benefits and Features of a High-Quality Sound System

Two Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers in a room.

Enjoy the Immersive Experience of High-Performance Audio

Numerous studies have shown that music can lower stress-related hormones, lift our moods, and even ease pain. William Shakespeare understood this over 400 years ago, saying, "Music can raze out the written troubles of the brain.” It can bring us joy or sadness, motivation or relaxation, and transport us back in time. It’s a powerful medium. 

In light of its capabilities, we owe it to ourselves to experience it as the creator intended, hearing every note, detail, and beat. To accomplish that, you need a high-quality sound system for your Dallas, TX, home—a system that transforms your listening experience.

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Bring Beauty and Perfect Illumination to Your Home

A living room and open kitchen area with numerous light fixtures.

Create the Perfect Amount of Daylight and Electric Light with Smart Lighting Control

Lighting plays a significant role in a home’s design. In fact, some designers consider it the most important feature. Sunlight streaming through windows, under-cabinet lighting that leaves a soft glow, and architectural lighting illuminating a home’s best features in washes of light can almost leave you breathless.

Yet, how often do we experience our home's lighting at its best? Our days get busy, our nights busier, and before we know it, a day's gone by, and while our lights helped us perform the tasks at hand, they fell far short of leaving us with a sense of wonder. 

Today’s home automation system changes that. Now, your daylight and electric light are controlled with one touch or automated to respond to life's daily activities. Filtered sunlight finds its way through translucent fabrics, lights take on the soft glow of a setting sun, and lights the color of golden candlelight set the stage for dinner.

Let’s explore how the latest lighting control makes managing our home’s lights effortless, enjoyable, and breathtaking.

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How Can Luxury Speakers Transform Your Daily Audio Experience?

A living space featuring luxury speakers from Bowers & Wilkins

Bring Music & Media to Life Throughout Your Home

Our home media can impact every part of our day. Whether you’re enhancing an everyday moment or taking a party to a new level with music, your home AV should meet your needs for any occasion!

Upgrading your Dallas, TX, home’s soundscape can transform how you experience your entertainment entirely. Let DeVance Electronic Lifestyle bring luxury speakers from high-end brands to your property today, and learn more about this solution’s many benefits by reading on.

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