Simplify Communications with Boardroom AV Integration


Meet, Collab, & Share with Zero Hassle

A hybrid workforce is becoming increasingly common among companies attempting to bridge the gap between employees in the office and those working remotely. Sometimes, communicating effectively with everyone can be a challenge. Still, even with teams in different locations, the proper audio-video setup can maintain and improve communications for everyday operations.

Upgrade your boardroom AV for the best user experience for everyone involved. When you can communicate and collab with your whole Dallas, TX team without any delay or trouble, you’ll find overall morale and productivity at an all-time high as well.

Want to find out more about bringing this upgrade to your commercial setup today? Keep reading on below for more.

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How Improved Boardroom AV Transforms the Workday

In mere seconds, you can go from talking to five people in a conference room to giving a presentation to 50 employees on the other side of the screen. With an advanced audio-video setup, a productive and engaging meeting is just one button-press away. High-end boardroom AV is a must for improved communications – and for your video conference meetings to run without a hitch.

Subpar solutions that lead to frozen screens and garbled audio mid-meeting only cause miscommunications and delays in production down the line. Instead, high-resolution displays and crystal-clear audio from in-wall speakers let everyone in the room see and understand with clarity. Additionally, a top-quality camera and an in-ceiling microphone capture the conference room you’re in, ensuring seamless solid communications both ways.

Effortless Integration with Any Platform

Upgraded boardroom AV ensures ease-of-use for everyone on the team – meaning employees at home can log into a new video call just as easily as those in the office building. For example, with a Crestron AV system, you can use any communication platform to start a meeting. Whichever platform is most convenient for your team – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and plenty of others – can integrate with your audio-video setup.

Your system makes it as simple as pressing a button to begin a new meeting or join an existing one, no matter which platform you need. There won’t be any confusion or frustration with incompatible programs and solutions. Your boardroom AV system will serve you and your business with every one of its features.

Want to find out more about integrated boardroom AV for your business? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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