The Definition of High-End Audio and the Brands that Deliver

A listening room with Klipsch loudspeakers and two blue chairs.

Bring High-Fidelity Sound to Your Home Via Whole-Home Audio Systems and Designated Listening Rooms

High-end audio means different things to different people. To the audiophile, it may translate to a designated listening room with custom acoustic treatments and premier tower landscape speakers. Other clients enjoy the whole-home audio system that utilizes strategically installed and carefully calibrated nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to deliver high-fidelity sound to every room in their home. 

Both immersive audio experiences require the equipment delivering commanding power and clarity. At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we partner with industry leaders in home automation and audio-visual technology to bring our clients the best high-end audio solutions. 

Let’s explore a few of these brands and how they’re transforming how homes in Dallas, TX, experience sound.

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High-Fidelity Audio Defined

High-fidelity audio is defined as the pure reproduction of sound, as close to the original recording or live performance as possible. To accomplish this, high-end manufacturers carefully address every detail and use the finest materials. Of course, words can never truly convey a sensory experience. 

You’ll know you’re listening to high-fidelity audio when you can hear every note of a guitar riff and the extended shimmering drum cymbals. When you close your eyes, you see the soundstage before you, the instrumentalists and the singers. When you play one of your favorite recordings, it will be like hearing it for the first time.

The Brands that Deliver

Some of the many brands we partner with include Klipsch, Bowers & Wilkins, Focal & Naim. These manufacturers are world-renowned and have developed speakers and audio equipment for every home environment, from top-of-the-line loudspeakers to architectural speakers designed to blend in with a home’s aesthetics.

For example, B&W's flagship 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers are known as some of the best in the world and are used by acclaimed recording studios like Abbey Road. According to John Bowers, the brand’s founder, “The best loudspeaker isn’t the one that gives the most, it’s the one that loses the least.” 

Klipsch began in a tiny shed in Arkansas in 1946 with the first Klipschorn speakers that kicked off the hi-fi era. Klipsch now offers systems designed for simple two-channel to home theater surround sound. 

When Focal and Naim teamed up in 2011, they combined Focal’s award-winning loudspeakers with Naim’s renowned electronics, including streaming and multiroom audio, turntables, CD players, amplifiers, and power supplies. Together, they've developed complementary high-end products designed for every environment. 

Effortless Control

When integrated with your home automation system, you experience effortless control of your home’s high-end audio. Select a room or your entire home and the audio source, whether a turntable, CD player, or one of the many streaming music services that offer high-resolution audio, and enjoy.

At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we create customized home automation and audio-video systems that elevate our clients' day-to-day lifestyles. To learn more about the many options in high-end audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DeVance Electronic Lifestyle today. 

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