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Experience the Health Benefits of Circadian Lighting

A warm-lit kitchen with various fixtures and Control4 LED linear lighting.

Bring Daylight Indoors with Human-Centric Lighting

Our lifestyles have transformed immensely since the time of our ancestors, and lighting has played a significant role. From nights spent around a fire to oil lamps and electricity, lighting has shaped our evolution. Unfortunately, while today's lighting offers tremendous benefits, none the least of which is a 24/7 lifestyle, it's also taken its toll. 

We no longer spend our days outside and retire when darkness falls. Our bodies still produce certain hormones that energize us in the daylight and others that promote sleep when the natural light grows dim. Unfortunately, these promptings are rare because most of us spend over 90% of our time indoors. And that's where the problems begin.

Today, there is a solution, and it's called circadian lighting. Let's explore what this technology offers homeowners in Dallas, TX, and how it enhances your well-being. 

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Create Balance And Beauty In Your Home With A Circadian Lighting System


Integrating Human-Centric Natural Light Control Combines Wellness And Design

The light of the sun is a vital element to most life on earth. The regular rise and setting of the sun have dictated our human activities for centuries until the advent of artificial light. Our development of both biological and cultural expressions has taken their cues from the cycles of natural light. 

Extensive research shows that the natural rhythms of light and dark influence our physical and emotional well-being. All too often, home lighting focuses on the practical aspects, providing light to guide your way in the dark. This results in illumination that is cold and uninspiring, ignoring and even actively masking the vibrancy and vigor that natural light furnishes. 

circadian lighting system works to complement and accent the use of natural light in your Southlake, TX, home. 

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Improve Your Health with Circadian Lighting


A Lutron Lighting System Has Mental & Physical Health Benefits

Lighting impacts a variety of aspects of your Highland Park, TX, home, and lifestyle. Added convenience, improved home security, and enhanced interior design are just a few ways that a lighting automation system elevates your property and eases up your day-to-day. But did you know your lighting can also greatly impact your overall health?

Take care of your home wellness with a Ketracircadian lighting system from Lutron. But what is circadian lighting, exactly – and how doesit truly benefit you and your family’s mental and physical health? Keep reading below to learn about the many features of this smart solution. 

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