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4 Ways to Create a Multi-Purpose Media Room

Home media room with dark feature wall and big screen television, large picture windows with curtains, and brown leather couches.

A Media Room Can Be a Space For The Whole Family

A media room can be an excellent investment for families. We recommend creating a multi-purpose media room space that is great for family entertainment time, working from home, or studying with friends after school. 

Unlike a home theater, typically in its own space, you can design a media room for an open-concept living room or other family gathering space. With these four simple enhancements, you’ll create a multi-purpose room in your Highland Park, TX, home that the whole family can enjoy.

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Motorized Shades

Adding motorized shades in your multi-purpose media room is an easy way to quickly adjust the brightness of the room for its next activity. For example, if you're preparing for work, you may want to open the shades to bask in the sun’s light and fuel your day. On the other hand, if you're getting ready for a family movie, you may want to close the shades for a better viewing experience. You can operate motorized shades efficiently through a touchpad, mobile app or even elegant keypads. 

Automated Light Scenes

Have automated lights in your home and program different scenes for the various activities that could take place in your multi-purpose media room. Maybe you’d like the lights to dim if you’re going to relax and read a book. The lights could brighten if the kids use the space to do their homework after school. Creating various scenes is a quick way to adjust all of the fixtures in the area at once, saving you time.

Hidden Technology

New technology allows you to hide televisions, projector screens, etc., when not in use. Hiding technology is an excellent feature for a multi-purpose media room where you intend to do other things besides watching television or movies. For instance, if you’re hosting a group of guests in the space, you’d be able to hide the TV behind artwork or in a niche in the ceiling. Instead of focusing on a dark box, guests will be able to appreciate your furnishings and decorations. 

Furniture Selection

If your media room has multiple uses, it may be best to steer clear of the standard movie theater-style seating often seen in home theaters. Instead, opt for a sectional or other couch sets that would allow for different configurations to match the intended use of the room. For example, if it’s study-group time, the couches may get pushed back, and the group will gather on the floor around a coffee table. On the other hand, if you are working in the space, you may want a comfortable recliner to put your feet up while typing on your laptop. 

If you’d like to learn more about media room solutions in the Highland Park area, call us, fill out this form, or swing by our showroom. With school almost back in session, now is the time to plan for your multi-purpose media room, study sessions, and family entertainment nights – the fun is about to begin!

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