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Custom Lighting Fixtures Turn Homes into Works of Art

A beautifully lit kitchen with recessed, pendant, and under-cabinet lighting.

Discover How the Latest Design and Technology Combine to Create a Personal Oasis

Today's advancements in lighting have transformed how we use this element in a home's design. Custom lighting fixtures, ranging from elegant lamps and pendant lights to hidden linear accent lights, enable our expert lighting design team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle to create layers of breathtaking light. The result is a multi-dimensional space that highlights textures and intricate architectural features. 

Combined with the latest LED dynamic lighting and seamless controls, you can transform your entire home, changing the mood with one touch of a button. Let's explore how custom lighting is transforming homes in Dallas, TX.

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Dynamic Layered Lighting

We look at your home as a canvas and lighting as the form that brings it to life, accentuating the spaces in a manner that changes based on the activity and mood. Using various custom fixtures, we can add depth, creating visual interest as well as functionality. 

Today's recessed downlights offer wall-washing options that elevate architectural downlighting, and wide beam angles deliver soft ambient lighting. Linear luminaires provide ideal lighting for cove and grazing applications and can hide in architectural details like ceiling valences. Slim lightbars are best suited for low-profile lighting, such as under cabinets and shelves, in bookcases, and as toe-kicks. Under-cabinet lighting, lamps, and pendant lights are ideal fixtures for task lighting, whether cooking, reading, or working.

Thanks to our many industry-leading partners who collaborate with artisans and top designers worldwide, we'll incorporate lighting fixtures that align perfectly with your home's design, including stunning fixtures sustainably sourced, custom-blown glass, and handmade fixtures that appear as works of art.  

Full-Spectrum Lighting & Seamless Controls

We program your system to enable you to change every fixture's color temperature and intensity. Let's say you're hosting a dinner party. Instead of walking around from room to room and turning on lights, you press a button that reads, 'Entertain,' or tell your virtual assistant you're hosting a party. 

In response, every light turns to the exact color and intensity you want for the occasion. Integrating Lutron's Ketra full-spectrum LED lighting translates to 16.7 million colors, from soft pastels to saturated hues and the golden glow of candlelight. We can program a nearly infinite number of these lighting scenes, from dining to relaxing, cooking, and working.  

These same lights let you select 'Natural Light,' a setting that brings the beauty of daylight indoors, transitioning every light to reflect the changing color of the sun as it rises and sets. Vibrancy lets us illuminate your artwork in a way that brings out every detail and enhances every color. Sculptures, fine furnishings, and art come to life through the proper application of beam angles, focus, and color. Commonly used fixtures for this accent lighting include track luminaires, wall sconces, and art lighting.


At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we've been turning homes into personal retreats through the power of light and technology for over 20 years. To learn more about custom lighting fixtures and design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DeVance Electronic Lifestyle today.


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