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Setting the Record Straight: Debunking the Myths About High-End Audio

High-end audio floorstanding speakers in a living room.

Here Are Six Common Misconceptions Homeowners Should Ignore

If you’re considering a high-end audio purchase, let’s find out what’s standing in the way. While investing in the highest quality of audio equipment should not be a decision made lightly, we recognize that homeowners may have heard some common misconceptions about the technology. Continue reading as we help to debunk these myths about high-end audio solutions and share why the investment in quality entertainment for your Dallas, TX, home is worthwhile.

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What Exactly Is Hi-Fi Audio?

A living room featuring Bowers and Wilkins speakers on either side of the fireplace.

Experience Your Media Like Never Before

How your favorite media sounds impacts the overall listening experience for you and your family. And in your own Dallas, TX home, you deserve the highest level of audio for every performance.

With hi-fi audio, you can enjoy your home entertainment in a brand-new way that surpasses anything you’ve experienced without heading to the local cinema or concert hall. But what does hi-fi mean exactly, and how does it differ from a standard soundscape? Keep reading on below for more!

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Amp Up Your Home Audio with a 2-Channel Amplifier

A home stereo system and setup featuring audio solutions like a 2-channel amplifier.

Trust DeVance Electronic Lifestyle with Your Installation

Your home media provides entertainment for everyone you welcome into your home. From guests traveling from afar to friends down the street to your own family - you want to offer the ultimate entertainment atmosphere in your Dallas, TX, home for everyone to enjoy together. But is your home audio setup up to the task? You want a high-end stereo system that can reach everyone in the room and immerse them in high-fidelity audio.

Power the high-end speakers in your setup with a 2-channel amplifier, delivering an unparalleled sound performance right in your own living space. Want to find out more about upgrading your home stereo system and how our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can help? Keep reading below.

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Upgrade Your Home Media with a Hi-Fi Speaker Setup from Focal


Immerse Yourself in an Elevated Home Soundscape Today!

Once you’ve heard high-fidelity audio, there really is no turning back. Bringing this level of audio performance into your Dallas, TX, home is possible and can also be a seamless installation with the help of our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle. We know the ins and outs of high-end home audio and what your system needs.

In this blog, we’ll dive into a hi-fi speaker setup from Focal and what their audio design can do for your home soundscape! Keep reading below to learn more.

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Audio Perfection from McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers


Sound Solutions to Elevate Your Soundscape

When you listen to your favorite tunes and music in your own Dallas, TX home, you want to feel immersed in your media entirely, experiencing it the way the artists intended. But to do so, you need to upgrade your home audio setup. How is yours currently sounding? If you feel your audio system could use some help, then the McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers are for you.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of the MA9000 and the MA12000 and how these solutions can take your soundscape to a brand-new level – one you’ve never experienced before! Find out more about these products by reading on below.

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The B&W Formation Suite Enhances Your Whole Home Audio


An Unparalleled Wireless Sound System for Your Music and Media Performance

Listening to music throughout your whole home should be an immersive and top-notch experience every time. With total audio distribution, you can hear tunes and media in any part of your Dallas, TX home – and in the highest quality as well.

So what audio brand can really take your multi-room music setup to a new level? You need high-end speakers and equipment that completely envelop you in crystal-clear sound. In this blog, we’ll dive into what Bowers & Wilkins’ Formation Suite brings to the table to enhance your home’s professional audio setup.

Want to find out more about this series? Keep reading on below.

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If You Want High-End Audio, Here’s the Best Brand

If You Want High-End Audio, Here’s the Best Brand

With so many options for audio/video systems available, there’s always the risk that you end up with a shoddy, low-quality solution instead of truly exceptional sound and visuals. For luxury homeowners throughout the Highland Park and greater Dallas, Texas area, it’s important to choose a brand known for achieving that high-end quality.

DeVance Electronic Lifestyle works with many of the finest luxury audio brands available, and of all those brands, there is one that we recommend most for high-end homes: MartinLogan. If you’re interested in learning what makes MartinLogan speakers the best, then read on.

Innovative Design for Superior Sound

There are many methods for designing speakers. The one you’re probably most familiar with is the circular cone or dome-shaped speaker. That shape is easy to manufacture and provides good quality sound, but if you’re interested in the best sound quality possible, electrostatic is a better design for you.

Electrostatic speakers work by converting an amplifier’s output to a high-voltage charge. The speakers are designed with an ultra-light, electrically conductive material that evenly disperses the audio signal throughout the room. Technical aspects aside, the important thing about an electrostatic design is that it overcomes the limitations on rigidity and uniformity that so often cause cone-shaped speakers to deliver a less-than-stellar sound performance. 

SEE ALSO: Explore What it Means to Live with Smart Home Automation

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