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Is Your Conference Room Design Ready for the Next Decade?

Is Your Conference Room Design Ready for the Next Decade?

We’ve all been into that Dallas conference room that was less than impressive. Most of them shared some standard features: you could walk in and instantly notice the fluorescent light and antiquated furniture that heralded a bygone era of corporate life.

AV enthusiasts would notice deeper conference room design issues as soon as someone started using the room. We’ll reveal some pain points that signal an office that you can leave in the 2010s and some quick fixes that will make your Texas office future-ready. Keep reading!

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Clunky Speakers

Minimalism might not be everyone’s style, but if you see floor speakers everywhere, with no audio gear in the speakers or walls, we usually take it as a sign that your office is outdated. Speakers littering the floor indicate that you might not be achieving the surround-sound quality necessary to fully participate in video conference calls, for one thing. Also, audio clutter doesn’t look as attractive or professional and takes up too much real estate in smaller rooms.

Wires Galore

Similar to our gripe with multiple floor speakers, visible wiring everywhere diminishes an otherwise sophisticated, modern office aesthetic. We can streamline all your A/V components into a rack that we conceal somewhere like a closet. No more tripping over cables on your way to the screen or trying to figure where to plug in a cable to start using audio or video.

Unattractive, Unhealthy Lighting

Did you know that your employees feel adverse health effects from this kind of lighting, including temporary ailments like headaches and more permanent issues like chronic eye strain, fatigue and irritability? Employees need light that fluctuates somewhat throughout the day, preferably with varying degrees of brightness and tone to mimic the sunlight. Not to mention, fluorescent lighting distracts from your conference room’s style. Don’t drag your fluorescent strip lighting into the next decade! Instead, try an energy-saving, mood-enhancing solution that also elevates your design.


Nothing New

Did you know that you could implement interactive whiteboards in your conference rooms? Digital signage? 4K projectors? Whether you’ve neglected to buy a newer projector for conference calls or hadn’t explored the Crestron Flex/Microsoft Teams integration that facilitates meetings, we urge you to grow past “what has always worked” and experiment. Commercial automation and AV offer just as many cool applications as the residential market, and it’s all waiting for you to explore them!

No matter your industry, your visiting prospects are probably seeking a forward-thinking partner to propel their business. Employing a few of the newest technologies shows your dedication to improving your business while keeping an eye on trends.

We understand that the influx of new tools can feel overwhelming at times. By listening to you and continually investigating your growing needs, DeVance can suggest fresh technologies that match your goals.


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As a Dallas partner that has innovated Texas office spaces for decades, we look forward to elevating your space right in time for the 2020s. Click here or give us a call at (214) 389-4985 today.

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