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Winterize Your Office with Motorized Shades!

Winterize Your Office with Motorized Shades!

Almost everyone we know is grumbling about Daylight Savings Time and for good reason. It seems that the brief time period in which we enjoy sunlight has dwindled into a few hours, and many of us are feeling more sluggish as a result. Now that Texas has finally started showing signs of winter, your employees might feel a little cabin fever within your office walls, which interferes with brainstorming and creativity.

You can enjoy more of the illumination you and your employees need just by adding motorized shades to your Irving, TX, space, and you can even save money in the process. Keep reading to see how one solution can do both.

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Harvest Sunlight

We’ve all experienced the dreaded 3 p.m. lag, which often coincides with the time that we need to be the most productive. Liven up the post-lunch conference room meeting by brightening your surroundings! Human rhythms depend on bright daylight illumination to power us through the morning and afternoon. Motorized shades with photo sensors “read” the amount of daylight outside and automatically raise the blinds to optimize light intake. We can program your shades to rise and fall at preset times, based on circadian rhythm patterns.

...And Heat

Did you know that some of  that light coming through your office’s windows converts to energy? According to an study, up to 40% of a building's heating energy is lost through windows during heating seasons. Motorized shades effectively decrease your heating bills in two ways - by allowing more of the sunlight to come in and heat the house and by trapping cold air outside. Let’s look closer.

Remember how we mentioned the benefits of automating your shades to bring light in? You can’t harvest as much natural warmth if your shades are shutting out the light. Incoming light converts to heat energy, adding noticeable warmth to spaces when the shades open.

Cellular, or honeycomb, draperies, seal your indoor spaces from the frigid outdoor air. Lutron’s honeycomb shades, for example, create an air pocket that stops cold or hot air before it enters the office. You’ll enjoy these climate control benefits all year: Once our short winter passes, they’ll effectively block excess heat from entering, driving down costs to cool your workplace.

Save Money

Whether you’re blocking extra heat in the summer or a drafty chill during the winter, you’ll cut your utility bills drastically with motorized shades. How? Your HVAC system simply doesn’t have to work as hard to stabilize the temperature, resulting in some significant cost reduction. Over time, you’ll notice that the savings (estimated to be slash about 20% from your total utility costs) will more than pay for your initial investment. 

Why Wait?

Considering that winter is starting and employees are hoping for a holiday bonus, it’s prime time to invest in a motorized shading system that saves valuable resources. Call DeVance Electronic Lifestyle at (214) 389-4985 or visit us here. You can also click on the chat box in your browser to speak with a customer service associate. We can’t wait to help you modernize your business!

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