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Customize Your Home Security System Before the Holidays!

Customize Your Home Security System Before the Holidays!

Have you started planning for the holidays yet? We all feel the added time pressure involved in buying gifts for everyone on our lists, booking our flights, preparing food to take to potlucks and the various demands of the season.

When you’re traveling and relaxing with family, we don’t want you to waste a moment worrying about your Dallas, TX, home’s safety. Curious to find out how a comprehensive home security system steps in and mitigates risks while you’re away? Keep reading!

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Risk #1 - Porch Piracy

FedEx says that, according to a recent industry study, 75% of Americans are concerned about porch piracy today. During the holidays, we have even more reason to worry, as millions of us order online. Many of your packages will arrive sometime when you’re far away, sitting on your stoop for days.

We install numerous camera options, including pan-tilt-zoom cameras, to track and inspect suspicious activity. Watch live events from your smartphone, zoom in to investigate details and trigger the alarm or flash outdoor lights if you see someone stealing a package.

Risk #2 - Unsecured Doors

It’s happened to all of us. We wade through long security lines at the airport, then settle down at the gate, coffee and paper in hand. Suddenly, it hits you: Did you forget to lock the door at home? A smart locking system with remote access features leaves room for human error. Pull up your home, see which entries you need to secure, and manage them instantly.

Security isn’t just about closing doors, though. It’s also about granting access to open your home to selected people. One great way to reinforce porch piracy protections, for example, is giving PIN codes to delivery professionals who could safely stow your delivery inside. Integrate Control4’s video doorbell system, and you’ll get notifications when anyone appears at your door, chat with them and decide your course of action.

Risk #3 - Natural Disasters

Fires, floods and frozen pipes all happen when we least expect them. Though we’d treat each of these disasters differently, devices like sensors, alarms and surveillance play a central role in each. Once your smoke or water leak detector senses an issue, you will receive an alert, asking how you want to proceed. Even though you might be physically distant from your home this season, you’ll always be seconds away from not only seeing your home but preventing any disaster that comes your way.

If you add a DeVance support package, you’ll receive the additional security benefit of knowing we will answer your calls 24/7/365 and remotely monitor your network and device health. You don’t want your network to fail you at a critical time and have no one to talk to during a crisis: That’s why we think of every contingency plan so that you don’t have to.

Contact Us Today!
Time is running out before the holidays! If it’s time to get a jumpstart on protecting your home before your long, end-of-year trip, contact us today to get started with your free, no-hassle consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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