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How Lighting Control Makes Your Conference Room Smarter

How Lighting Control Makes Your Conference Room Smarter

If there’s one space in your business that absolutely needs to shine, it’s your conference room. As a central location for meetings, presentations and more, your conference space needs powerful technology that works whenever you need it. This includes everything from your A/V system to your lights.

Yes, your lights. The lighting in your conference room impacts your productivity, energy efficiency and more. Commercial automation systems can lead to significant improvements in all these areas. Here’s why you should install conference room lighting control in your Irving, TX, business.

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Commercial lighting control not only reduces the amount of energy your business uses, but also helps you use that energy more efficiently. Automated lighting control uses motion sensors and other devices to make sure only occupied rooms – including your conference room – are using power. Lights and other electronics being used in empty rooms is one of the major inefficiencies businesses face, but it’s easy to address with lighting control.

Another way to improve efficiency is to use preset schedules. By setting your lights or certain fixtures turn on or off automatically at certain hours, you’ll conserve energy by not leaving lights on overnight unnecessarily. Over time these small gains add up to significant savings.

Since automated lighting systems use dimmers, you can fine-tune your fixtures to make sure you’re only using the energy you truly need. In space like a conference room that likely has a lot of windows, you may not need every fixture running at full blast to provide adequate lighting. You can also install motorized shades and combine the two systems for even greater gains.


You can also use lighting control to gives your employees an energy boost. Research shows that people are more productive when their work schedule lines up with their natural circadian rhythm, and lighting control can help make that happen. If you have a large group working gathered in your conference room for a project, you can start with a warmer, less intense light level in the morning, shift to a cooler tone around midday and then move back to warmer tones heading into the evening.

Another major benefit of lighting control is how it well it integrates with other systems. If you’re giving a presentation, integrated control of your lights, shades and A/V system makes controlling all your technology from one device simple. With streamlined controls, you can present your information quickly and get back to work in a timely manner.

A conference room lighting control system may be just what your business needs to shine. To learn more about our automation solutions, call deVance Electronic Lifestyle at (214) 389-4985 or visit our website. You can also click on the chat box in your browser to speak with a customer service associate.

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