Biamp Solutions Can Completely Elevate Your Conference Room Design


This Tech Can Accommodate Any Sized Conferencing Space

Optimally streamlining your conference room design means simplifying your Dallas, TX company’s daily operations. Meetings should be both productive and effective for everyone involved – only the best solutions and systems can deliver this type of setup performance.

Our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyles recommends conference room solutions from Biamp. These conferencing solutions can accommodate any sized boardroom and enhance its overall atmosphere with just a press of a button.

Want to learn more about Biamp technologies? Keep reading below.


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Beneficial for Every Boardroom

No matter if you have a room meant for three to four employees or a conferencing space that fill nearly the whole company – Biamp has various solutions to meet what you need.

For example, huddle rooms are smaller, more compact conference rooms, meant to make quicker, brainstorming meetings a possibility. They can also stand-in for regular-sized boardrooms when you only have a few employees that need it.

Biamp’s Devio product line lets you connect via one USB connection, immediately linking your laptop to every video display, high-end speaker, and automated or AV feature in your huddle room. A beamtracking microphone and “Bring Your Own Device” method makes impromptu meetings in this smaller space a breeze.

Biamp’s flexible solutions mean expanding to larger conference rooms is hassle-free. Their Parlé 360-degree beamtracking microphones can ensure every voice is heard throughout the entire room – whether you’re near the center of the action or at the end of the table or far-corners of the space.

For your larger auditorium-sized conferencing spaces, Biamp’s Tesira system is the only “integrated, networked AV processing and distribution platform” in the world. As Tesira solutions are completely scalable, expanding upon it is size is easy. You can add in more endpoints or DSP without starting over or involving a costly expansion.


Compatible with Your Communication Platform

The ideal conference room design doesn’t just benefit those in the actual room. With a smart boardroom, you need to be able to communicate with remote employees at home or across the globe. Plus, some clients or partners cannot visit your company building but need to communicate easily from where they are.

Biamp lets you utilize two of the most popular video conferencing platforms: Microsoft Teams Rooms and Google Hangouts Meet. Instantly connect and chat with coworkers on the other side of the room’s display screen – with crystal-clear audio reaching every employee in the room.

You don’t have to worry about frozen screens or glitching audio, meaning you can conduct a meeting without any delays or pauses while you have to figure out what technical issue is occurring. This is just one of the many ways Biamp promotes productivity and efficiency.


Want to learn more about Biamp’s conferencing solutions? The ultimate boardroom design is within reach; Fill out our online contact form here or give us a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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