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Boost Sales, Work Smarter with Digital Signage

Boost Sales, Work Smarter with Digital Signage

We live in a world saturated with advertisements everywhere we go. While this can be frustrating and overwhelming for consumers, businesses face a different problem: Getting your products and services noticed in a crowded media landscape. You need every tool at your disposal to cut through the noise and bring customers to your business.

Digital ads are a powerful technology for business owners regardless of size or industry. The ability to create more compelling displays with a more specific focus in less time is invaluable as a marketing tool, and that’s what digital signage offers. If you want to know more, here’s a list of ways this smart building control system is beneficial for businesses in the Irving, TX, region.

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Designing, manufacturing and setting up traditional print displays is a time-consuming process. The information may be out of date by the time your signage is ready to go, or you may want to highlight different products and services. Digital signage makes switching the content of your displays simple and easy. With a few clicks or button presses, you can upload a new photo or video to the screen, and the process takes seconds instead of hours.


One significant advantage of digital signage is the wider variety of content you can display on them. Printed marketing materials give your words and images, but electronic displays allow to show videos, slideshows and more, as well as include an audio component. A video display with music is much more attractive to potential customers than a static image, and you can include a lot more information in the ad.


There are very few ways to interact with a printed display. You can see it and touch it, though touching it may not get you very far. Digital signage offers many more possibilities for interaction, and those interactions will help drive customers to your business. Audio can help gets customers’ attention, and once they’re engaged, you can hook them further with videos that can be played or paused at will, slideshows they can scroll through, and more. The more time customers spend interacting with your displays, the more likely they are to spend money at your business.


Because you can include more varied and narrowly tailored content on digital signage, you can adapt your marketing campaign in more ways to better reach your audience. You can use your displays to direct customers to different regions of your store, then use more signage to highlight fresh deals or deliver more information within different zones. You can also cycle different content through at different times of the day, making it easier to reach out to different audiences.

Commercial automation systems like digital signage present a great opportunity for the Irving, TX, business community. To learn more about our smart building control systems and other solutions, call us today at (214) 389-4985. You can also visit our contact page or type a message in the chat box at the bottom of your Internet browser.

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