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Lighting Automation Transforms Your Business

Lighting Automation Transforms Your Business

How your business appears to the new customer is a critical part of their return rate. That’s why a commercial lighting automation system from Lutron is an essential component for your Dallas, TX business’ success.

But if your lighting control isn’t easy to use, then how can you expect your employees to optimize it to best benefit you and your company or store on a daily basis? Panelized lighting from Lutron is the key, as well as the ability to use a handheld smart device when needed. With Lutron – you can have it both ways, and never with any hassle or fuss.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits of a commercial Lutron system for your business. Want to learn more? Keep reading on below.

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Set the Mood: Highlight and Brighten Up

As mentioned above, lighting has a significant impact on a space’s appearance – and how it makes people feel when they’re in said space. How you adjust lighting in your business or store needs to reflect the mood you want to set there.

To create a welcoming atmosphere, you need bright lighting that’s not too harsh, and with an inviting color temperature that encourages shoppers to feel at home and return whenever they’d like. All of this is possible with a Lutron system. You can adjust the color temperature throughout the day, or have it automatically change on a set schedule.

The lights can also dim or brighten depending on the time of day. Plus, an added feature is the ability to highlight different items on sale or various parts of the store that you want shoppers’ eyes directed towards. A spotlight can guide them towards a specific rack or a display you want more customers to see. When you’re ready to make changes, you can easily shut off that spotlight or turn on and off different fixtures throughout the space.

Install Sensors and Save Energy

When you’re closing up for the night, it can be hard to remember if you turned off all the lights – including the ones in the backrooms and beyond. Not to mention if your employees forget to shut every single light off in one go, you have a fail-safe to help you lower your bills and conserve energy.

Installed motion sensors can detect when the last person has left for the day, and can automatically shut off your whole lighting system, keeping those fixtures off when no one is there to use them. It saves your energy and money – and ensures that your lights don’t stay on to an empty business space.

Easy User Experience

Panelized lighting from Lutron makes it easier than ever to manage the system. Also known as centralized lighting, every fixture is connected to a single panel, so its easier to maintain and service, while providing one-touch control or you and your staff.

With keypads mounted on the walls, you can easily go about your day without the need to keep up with a remote or even your own smart device.

Simply walk by the keypad to shut off a spotlight or to adjust the dimness on one particular fixture. You can even create scenes, so that with a push of a button – your space comes to life.

A “morning” scene can turn on all your lights, raise up the motorized shades, and adjust the color temperature to your preference. Similar features apply for a “good night” or “away” scene, which for the latter, you can even incorporate smart security solutions to integrate with your lighting and strengthen your business’ protection.

Want to learn more about Lutron lighting? As a Lutron certified smart home company, DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can make your commercial lighting plans a reality. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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