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3 Essential Features for Your Conference Room Design

3 Essential Features for Your Conference Room Design

A top-notch conference room design is necessary for the running of your Dallas, TX office. How can you continually keep morale high and ensure everyone is communicating effectively in your meetings?

Whether you’re in the middle of a brainstorm gathering or an important presentation for clients – you don’t want a technical glitch interrupting your productivity. Keep your business operations on track with commercial automation and AV features that elevate your whole work environment.

Learn about the top three solutions for your boardroom by reading on below!

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High-End Audiovisuals

Imagine taking your next presentation or interactive meeting to a whole new level with stunning audio video features that never delay or hinder your setup.

With just a push of a button, a hidden 4K projector and screen can lower from the ceiling, and in-wall speakers can turn on. Crystal-clear screens will display your videos and conference calls with perfection, so you never have to deal with buffering or load-times that still leave you with blurry picture quality or awkward delays.

The same goes for your high-end audio. Rely on speakers that are heard and not seen, and that deliver a sound performance that reaches everyone in the room, no matter where they’re sitting. No more employees straining to hear well, or you having to repeat yourself – your AV features run as they should from start to finish of your meeting.

Plus, with a fully integrated system, you won’t have to fumble around for several different remotes to manage it. Using just one centralized smart device, you can adjust the volume, play a video, switch through slides, and turn the entire system on and off with ease.

Motorized Window Treatments

Natural sunlight can add a beautiful glow to the rest of your office – but right before an important presentation, it can ruin the whole setup. Don’t let those massive sun glares prevent your employees or clients from seeing your screen.

With automated shades, you can create the ultimate presenting atmosphere. Using that same smart device for your AV solutions, you can press a single button to lower your shades all at once. And the best part about automated shades is that you can also set them lower on their own – no work from you required.

Schedule your window treatments to lower at certain times of the day when the sun is at its most intense or install photosensors to detect when the brightness is too much. Then, your shades will lower automatically, blocking out any disruptive sunrays. Once the sun moves, you can press a button to raise your shades back up – it’s that easy.

Smart Lighting Solutions

When you lower your motorized shades, you might envelop your boardroom in complete darkness. So what about the room’s interior lighting?

You can bring quality smart lighting to your conference room to brighten up the space at any time. Keep the area well-lit, or have it change throughout the day by having it work with your shading.

Maybe you’re showing a video for a presentation; push a button to lower those shades and turn off your lights completely. But if you’re hosting a meeting with a more interactive setting, you’ll want to let others take notes and actually see one another. This is where you can adjust your lighting fixtures to a precise dimness so everyone can see their notepads and papers.

Once a meeting or presentation is over, you can have the lights slowly brighten back to a normal level. With occupancy detectors in place, you don’t have to worry about remembering to shut off the lights either. Your fixtures will automatically shut off after a fixed amount of time after the last person has left the room. Smart lighting provides convenience for your conference room, but also saves energy!

Want to learn more about what the key features are for your conference room design? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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