The modern workspace, with its open floor plan, is a dynamic and engaging environment. Built to foster impromptu meetings and connections, it can be a highly advantageous configuration. Teams collaborate better, discuss issues more often, and solve complex problems more readily.

Innovative firms value this high-energy atmosphere to generate new ideas and encourage “cross-pollination” between teams. While the lack of walls, cubicles, and traditional offices makes for a more energetic working environment, it does come with some downsides.

Those productive conversations for a team can often become a distraction or annoyance to those around them. In some cases, such as in medical or legal offices, serious privacy issues arise. Easily installed sound masking systems improve focus, productivity, and privacy in your Dallas, TX, commercial space.

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C is for Cover

Sound masking is an acoustic treatment that includes the ABCs of Speech Privacy - Absorb, Block, and Cover. The A and B represent the use of fabrics, walls, and baffles to minimize sound transmission in a room. As most modern open offices have minimal soft surfaces, using sound to reduce noise has become increasingly common.

Audio sound masking is the C in the formula, injecting subtle white or pink noise into space via speakers to minimize distracting sounds. At a level most people do not notice, the generated sound “covers” (or masks) sound that’s softer than its threshold level and makes sound above it less distinct. In this way, the general ‘room noise’ is practically eliminated, and conversations across the room unintelligible. 

Productivity and Privacy

Research has shown that a quieter commercial or corporate space, while still promoting ad-hoc problem solving, has been shown to have progressive benefits.

Employees focus more intently; with fewer distractions, they can ditch their headphones to be more at the moment and ready to collaborate. Sound masking can make an office more inviting but create a goldilocks balance - where it is neither too loud nor too quiet. A more comfortable environment results in a more energetic and productive staff.

Several studies have shown that over 55% of employees and staff state that a lack of conversation privacy is the primary source of dissatisfaction. Sound masking protects private conversations by reducing the range in which they can be heard.

Soundly Compliant

When installed in medical offices, law firms, or human resource offices, sound masking devices not only protect your clients, but they also protect you from any potential legal issues. Without fear of conferences or discussions spilling over to the reception area, you can feel confident in speaking freely with colleagues while keeping in line with laws, such as HIPAA and attorney-client privilege.


Sound masking provides many benefits to your business. Call DeVance Electronic Lifestyle at (214) 389-4985 or visit our contact page to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation. You can also click on the chat box in your browser to speak with a customer service associate.

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