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Improve Your Video Conferencing Experience with Boardroom AV

Improve Your Video Conferencing Experience with Boardroom AV

If you had mentioned smart boardroom AV systems or HD video conferencing just a couple of decades ago, people would have seen the prospect as too futuristic to ever happen. Collaborating with stakeholders across the globe? Communicating with remote teams thousands of miles from your Dallas, TX, office?

Now, however, these notions feel commonplace, as modern offices demand the best AV tools and an ever-faster internet connection to piece all the components together. As we head into the new decade, don’t neglect to update your boardroom to suit your video-conferencing needs. Keep reading to see why it’s so vital to your profitability, employee satisfaction and more.

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The Future of Meetings

Automation and enhanced AV solutions speed up those once-daunting tasks, urging business owners to take more risks and optimize every meeting.

Meetings are no longer location-dependent, meaning owners can reduce expenses needed to fly contacts into their physical office. Similarly, you no longer must search for employees within 50 miles of the Dallas area: Find top talent from virtually anywhere. Not to mention, your in-house employees gain some flexibility to work from home if a need arises.

Qualities of a Successful Video Conference

But merely having the capability to video conference is not enough. You need a user-friendly solution that your employees will want to use. Read on to discover some clues that your boardroom AV installation is primed for a fast, comfortable video conference experience.

Easy to Use - Leading a meeting can intimidate anyone, especially if they’re running late. Facilitate the process by using an automation system like Crestron Flex. It integrates with Microsoft Teams for faster scheduling and collaboration, plus allows one-touch control of AV equipment, lighting, HVAC, music and more.

Clear Audio and Video - Both incoming and outgoing audio should be clear enough that no one ever second-guesses whether their message gets heard. Crestron Flex’s B-Series meeting solution includes a beamforming soundbar that provides pristine audio within a 23-foot span. You’ll also need microphones that pick up sound around the room, like the 365-degree mics built into this Flex package. Create a professional presence by using wide-angle camera systems that capture more of your in-house participants.

No Lag Time - Everyone dislikes saying something important, only to freeze mid-sentence. High-speed internet with MU-MIMO (multi-user - multiple input, multiple output) technology, like the emerging Wi-Fi 6, can handle more users than ever with nearly zero lag or interruptions.

An Open Exchange of Information and Ideas - The video meeting can prove a challenging undertaking, especially for participants new to the concept. People might shy away from the camera or hesitate to lead a session after a previous one was fraught with tech nightmares. While we can’t free your employees of all conferencing hang-ups, we can at least set them up for smoother-run meetings.

Are your video conferencing solutions lacking in one or more of the areas we mentioned above? DeVance Electronic Lifestyle is your local partner with nearly 20 years of experience to help guide you to the highest-quality AV options for your business. Click here or give us a call at (214) 389-4985 today!

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