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Have You Noticed Sound Issues During Video Conferencing?

Have You Noticed Sound Issues During Video Conferencing?

Have meetings in your Dallas, TX, office been less productive or engaging than you would hope recently? Your audio might be to blame: Sound issues are one of the most distracting issues you can face while video conferencing, but we have a few solutions to try. Keep reading to see how to mitigate audio setbacks and engage your staff with the help from the DeVance Electronic Lifestyle team.

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Maximize Your Microphones

You want everyone on the call to hear your message, loudly and clearly, but you’ve probably experienced poorly installed incoming audio that sounds garbled, quiet or staticky. Figuring out exactly where to place your microphones often requires a professional audio-video integrator’s skills, so that’s where we come in.

Have you ever asked someone to speak up in the conference call, only to get louder volume with more distortion? When we perform video conferencing equipment installations, we place microphones close to the people speaking so that sound quality doesn’t depend on volume. Digital sound processors, or DSPs, can distinguish between people speaking and noise, while automatic gain control can fine-tune your sound so that your microphone balances both your louder and softer-spoken participants.

Also consider whether omnidirectional or directional microphones work best for you. Many people think omnidirectional microphones at first because they pick up sounds from multiple directions: This effect captures audio from people speaking all around the room. However, omnidirectional mics pick up ambient noise, too.  Directional microphones target the meeting participant close by, and many microphones include DSP processing capabilities to clarify incoming and outgoing audio alike.

Consider Speaker Placement

Though ideal microphone placement helps you get the right message across, you’ll also need carefully positioned speakers to hear people calling in, too. Still have one centrally located speaker in your conference room? In any sizeable meeting space, that almost guarantees that people can’t hear well. We recommend distributing sound so that it seems uniform throughout the room: We can place in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and even flush-mount them into the walls. Similarly to microphones, DSP speakers give crisper sound than an analog option, enhancing audio nuances, like tone, that make you feel as though callers have joined the actual boardroom.


Add Acoustical Treatments

Hard surfaces abound in conference rooms, and tables, walls, and flooring cause distracting reverberation. Acoustic treatment with sound-absorbing panels and material in walls and ceilings, and even floor coverings, can help tame those frequencies and protect the sound quality you’ve worked so hard to achieve through microphones, speakers and tuning. As a result, conference room audio sounds equally clear and echo-free, even at a low or high volume.


Contact Us Today

Can’t communicate clearly with prospects and clients during a video conference? DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can optimize your sound quality before you lose a valuable contact. When you’re ready to get started, call us at (214) 389-4985 or chat with us instantly using the message box to the bottom-right of your screen. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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