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How Voice Control Makes Your Homelife Easier, Simpler

How Voice Control Makes Your Homelife Easier, Simpler

We are firmly in the age of the smart home. From motorized shades and smart thermostats to lighting control and high-end home cinemas, there’s no shortage of devices aimed at automating and simplifying some part of your life. The trouble is, these devices aren’t always the easiest to use and don’t always cooperate with each other.

What’s the solution? In short: voice control. By uniting your various smart devices in one network overseen by your smart speaker, you get greater control over the technology in your home. Smart speakers are also very convenient to use, even in comparison to a universal touchpad remote.

You may curious about voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa. But how much do you know about what they can do? Not to worry; in today’s blog, we’ll show you how voice control can be an invaluable addition to the smart home control system for your Frisco, TX, living space.

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A primary goal when installing a home automation system is to streamline how you manage your various devices. This way, they can all be managed from a central interface. One remote is undoubtedly better than multiple remotes, but voice control makes smart home control even simpler.

Even with all your home’s smart devices connected to one remote, you still need to be close to that remote to use it. You also need to be within close range of your devices. With voice control, however, your system will respond to you as long as it can hear you and you have a reliable wireless connection. If you place multiple speakers in your home, you can control your entire automation system with just your voice from anywhere. You’ll never be tied down to a remote again.


Voice control also helps you get the most value from integrating multiple systems. Create and use preset scenes for different moods or activities to help you save time and energy.

Let’s say you and your family are heading about leave for a vacation and won’t be back for a few days. A smart control system without voice functionality will let you turn off your lights, arm your locks and engage your security system with one remote. You may even be able to do all that with one button press. But, isn’t it even easier to just say “Away” and know all those happened without you needing to lift a finger?

This is merely one example of how voice control impacts your smart home control system. You can design scenes for different moods, seasons, times of day, household events and activities, or anything else you can think of.


There’s always room for improvement when it comes to smart technology. Adding voice control is one way to add new features to your home automation system.

Your smart speaker can interact with devices that aren’t part of your automation setup. You can use your voice to schedule appointments, check the weather, order dinner, even do your shopping. Voice control bridges the gap between your home’s smart devices technology and other digital tools. Thousands of devices are compatible with the major smart speaker brands, making it easy to add new features to your existing systems by adding voice control.

Now that you’re more familiar with what voice control can do, it’s time to get started on installing a system in your own home. To learn more, call us today at (214) 389-4985. You can also find out contact page online or click on the “Let’s Talk!” button in your browser to chat with a customer service associate.

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