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Avoid These Conference Room Scenarios!

Avoid These Conference Room Scenarios!

We’re pretty sure you can recall some conference room blunders that you’ve witnessed, or maybe even something that happened to you. Maybe you fumbled with the AV controls well into your presentation time or asked your client to repeat the words you missed during a particularly high-stakes meeting. Of course, the common scenarios we talk about in this blog are uncomfortable, providing adequate reasons to fix the culprit. We only wished that the problem ended there.

In a business setting, too many communication breakdowns, AV issues or scheduling problems don’t just mar your reputation: They could also cause you to lose out on valuable business partnerships. We’ll talk today about how thorough conference room design mitigates a host of mishaps, so keep reading!

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You Feel Extra Pre-Presentation Frustration

Many of us have endured an anxious moment right before a presentation. Coupled with the expected nerves, perhaps you didn’t get enough time to prepare, which compounds your stress.

The pressure increases if you don’t know your way around the AV equipment. Imagine you’re already late and fumbling with switches just to turn your screen on and finally start speaking. Instead, you could press one button from your Crestron control pad and let automation organize your meeting for you. We can’t arrange a perfect PowerPoint, but we can set the scene for your presentation success.

Another common frustration evaded by intentional conference room design? Scheduling errors. Perhaps your room wasn’t booked, and people don’t know where to go. Or someone accidentally double-booked one room, leading to two confused presenters in one room. Crestron’s conference room technology, Crestron Flex, integrates to Microsoft teams and other scheduling software to book fail-proof meetings.

You’re Blinded by the Light

Conference rooms are often lit by those glaring, fluorescent strip lighting that belongs in past decades. If you’re still using this, you have two equally undesirable choices: to switch the light off completely to see a presentation screen or to leave it on and squint to catch important data.

DeVance designs commercial lighting with the same care and attention we dedicate to homes. We install lighting scenes and implement dimmers and motorized shading controls so that you’re one click away from the right lighting for client chats, presentations or catered business lunches.


You Can’t Hear

Even the most experienced video conferencing users might feel embarrassed whenever someone talks to them over webcam, and they miss an important point. Even if you have the best intentions, you might feel as though the person thinks you’re just not listening well enough.

While that may be the case, it’s more likely that your conference room audio is failing you. We’ll make sure your incoming and outgoing communication works flawlessly by optimizing your speaker placement for your room’s acoustics and setting up as many microphones as needed.

What if you still can’t hear? You’re likely dealing with a connection issue that causes that uncomfortable lag time. Keep reading to see what to do.


You Can’t Connect

If you or your client appears to “freeze” mid-video conference, or if you experience a lag that makes it seem as though you’re talking over each other, look beyond your AV components and blame your network. DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can configure a wired or wireless network that transmits data efficiently for fewer embarrassing interruptions.


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