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What Is a Surveillance System?

What Is a Surveillance System?

If the headline seems like a simple question, you're probably well on your way to building a security system that will keep your Dallas, TX, business safe. But for many business owners, there's a lot of confusion surrounding the topic. What's the difference between surveillance systems and smart security cameras? Which one is right for your company? The answers are a bit more complicated than you might imagine. Keep reading to learn more.


Surveillance Systems

A surveillance system is a network of devices designed to record and store video information for security purposes. That includes cameras, DVRs, and the appropriate digital networking to make it run.

You're probably already familiar with cameras, but as technology continues to develop, there are different types of cameras you should be aware of. For instance, a security camera is any camera that's part of a security system. But a "smart" security camera is one that connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to offer a direct feed and controls remotely.

Smart security cameras are typically self-contained systems. They’re designed to give you visual access to an area. They often boast features like connectivity with other smart devices and offer a small amount of local storage. They’re perfect for small residential spaces but not great for larger, high-traffic commercial areas.

IP cameras are wireless security cameras. They can be independent or part of a surveillance system. Their primary benefit is that business owners don’t have to run network wiring to them, though most operate from wired power sources.

A surveillance system includes both cameras and storage. It’s designed to record and store data for later playback. In other words, a DVR (or NVR for wireless systems) is an essential component. Surveillance systems can record hours of footage, and advanced software makes it easy to find the exact moment you’re looking for quickly.

Surveillance systems are best used for high-traffic commercial spaces.

Work with a Local Technology Expert

At DeVance, we pride ourselves on offering the latest technology solutions to your Texas business. From integrated AV to entire smart home and commercial automation, we can design a custom system that works with your needs and budget.

If you want to work with Texas’ leader in integrated technology solutions, we can help you achieve your goals.

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