3 Signs That You Need a Distributed Audio Setup

3 Signs That You Need a Distributed Audio Setup

A distributed audio system lets you play your favorite songs in any area of your Highland Park, TX, home. Wouldn’t you love to host a party where the speakers pulsated with the same beat throughout the house and the patio, playing your favorite song for the entire party to hear? What if you could pause your movie halfway through and resume it in another room because your audio-video equipment was perfectly in sync?

Welcome to the world of whole-home, high-performance audio. If you’re starting out with a single-room setup, and the prospect of adding music to every room feels daunting right now.

That’s why we always recommend enlisting a tech integrator’s help before trying to DIY your multi-room audio. We partner with the best brands, such as Origin Acoustics and McIntosh, and we know how to strategically wire speakers for the optimal sonic experience. Keep reading to see a few options to weigh when we look at your home.

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#1: You Enjoy Entertaining

You’re that person that can’t imagine a single holiday passing without throwing that one party that everyone talks about. Everyone has a different entertaining style: You might go all out with a five-course dinner party or chill on the sofa during a game day event. Perhaps you decorate for elaborate themed soirees. Or maybe you convert your biggest room into a dancing space where you can drink cocktails with friends all night long. No matter what, your Control4 system facilitates playing and pausing music, switching tracks, adjusting volume, and anything else you need to manage.

#2: You Live Outdoors During Warm Weather

Can’t wait for the weather to warm up again so you can live next to the grill? Now imagine how much you could enhance your outdoor fun if music accompanied your favorite activities. At DeVance, when we say “whole-home audio,” we don’t exclude outdoor areas, such as your porches and poolside spaces. We can even install underwater music components!


#3: Your Family Has Divergent Musical Tastes

If you want to dance around to oldies while other members of your family want to crank out today’s Top 40 hits, you’ll eventually run into a problem with a single-room setup. Someone is going to have to compromise. When you add multi-zoned music capabilities to every room of your house, everyone can enjoy music that fits their lifestyle. Do you have an audiophile in your home? We can install a dedicated listening room so that you can enjoy the escape of your music in a room designed especially for that purpose.

More Reasons to Invest

You also have the option of using your distributed audio for something more than music. Any time you listen to something through a setup designed for superior acoustics, the experience will feel more immersive than if you heard it from your smartphone. For example, stream nature tracks or guided meditations into your listening room or bedroom or enjoy greater zen while stretching to some yoga fitness videos.

If you didn’t get everything you wanted for the holidays and still want to treat yourself to a gift, you’ll enjoy all year round, you can’t go wrong with a whole-home audio system. Contact us today to get started with your free, no-hassle consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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