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The Day-To-Day Delights of Multi-Room Music


How a Whole-Home Audio System Makes Your Entire Property a Stunning Sound Stage

It’s likely you can’t go a day without hearing music. Whether you’re listening to music through your earbuds or in your car, enjoying songs through a stereo system or TV speakers, or hearing the catchy jingle of a commercial, music surrounds you. The famous musician Louis Armstrong once said, “Music is life itself.” And with so much of it filling our days, that might very well be true!

The question is: Are you enjoying music to the fullest in your Highland Park, TX, home? A multi-room music system lets you listen to high-end audio in every room in your house and enjoy complete control of it via a smartphone app or smart home tablet. Keep reading to see how a whole-home speaker system is the perfect smart home technology for listening to music, podcasts, news, and more in every room.

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Wake Up with Your Favorite Songs

Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, waking up in the morning can sometimes be a jolt to your system. What better way to rise than playing your favorite songs through a multi-room sound system? Instead of using an alarm clock, program your smart home system to help you wake up. Then, when the time comes, your motorized shades rise, and your favorite “wake-up” playlist streams through your in-room speakers. Isn’t that a better way to start the day?

Extend the Experience to Your Bathroom

The music doesn’t end when you step away from the bedroom and into your bathroom. As you freshen up for the day ahead, your smart lighting illuminates to your preferred setting, and the morning music continues to play through the speakers, creating a seamless sound experience wherever you go. You can also play the news, a podcast, or a radio program as you start your day. A whole-home audio system connects to any number of inputs: satellite radio, online streaming, and even your own media library.

Dining Is More Delightful with Music

Your multi-room speaker system makes preparing and enjoying meals a happy occasion. Since your smart home tablet is right on the counter, it’s easy to select a song or playlist and play music right through your kitchen and dining room speakers. Do you have your hands full? No problem. A voice assistant, such as Alexa, works beautifully with your smart home system. Say the song you want to hear, and it happens for you – hands-free! In fact, when properly integrated with a smart home system, a voice assistant can control all your home’s technologies.

Home Entertainment Just Got Better!

Some people get the wrong idea about whole-home speaker systems. They think they simply serve a function: to provide music in a home. But high-end speakers are so much more than that! They create a stunning sound that surrounds you. Whether you want floor-standing loudspeakers, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, or completely hidden speakers, you can expect a multi-room sound system to deliver the same quality you’d get from a robust stereo system.

In fact, why not invite the friends over for a party. Play classic hits outside on your porch or pool deck and golden oldies inside. A distributed audio system lets you play different songs in different areas of the house through speakers that have a punch. You and your guests will enjoy every song, just like you’d hear it at a concert or through a high-end stereo system.

Add more music to your life with a multi-room music system. Find out more by calling DeVance Electronic Lifestyle at (214) 389-4985, starting a chat on this page, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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