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3 Reasons to Add a Listening Room to Your Sound System Installation

3 Reasons to Add a Listening Room to Your Sound System Installation

If you consider yourself an audiophile, you probably prefer a multi-zone audio setup that lets you hear your music throughout the house and control it with a comprehensive entertainment solution like Control4. We’d be the first to tout whole-home audio systems benefits for Highland Park, TX, homeowners, but many people want to take their music hobby and sound system installation one step further. Keep reading to learn why and see how a dedicated listening room will enhance your Highland Park, TX, home experience.

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Benefit #1 - Utilize and Customize a Spare Room

Do you have that room that merely occupies space in your home? Maybe you had some lofty plans for this room when you moved in, but since then, it’s been relegated to a glorified closet or indoor shed. The DeVance team can offer a consultation in which we help you re-imagine that space as a dedicated listening room.

Often, the spaces in your house don’t quite like your “own.” You might have an office or study that you fill with your favorite trinkets, sports memorabilia or movie posters, but admittedly, that one customized room seems too small for all your interests and personality.

Your dedicated listening room can become a private retreat. Unlike your office or den, you can fully zone out here, without any busy TV visuals or work emails competing for your attention. And you can customize your listening room by paying homage to your favorite musicians, or add relaxing artwork to enhance the mood. Beautiful floorstanding designs, like the Bowers and Wilkins 800 D3, pictured above, look stately and sculpture-like anywhere. 


Benefit #2 - We Engineer It for Your Audio Needs

Home theaters are also a popular choice for converting spare rooms, but they have a lengthy set of requirements to pull off a superior look and sound. Dark, rectangular rooms best lend themselves to the audio, video and lighting requirements we prefer when engineering your theater space.

Looking at dedicated listening rooms? You get some added flexibility in the room you can use. We consider the unique sound requirements for each room and add the necessary accommodations. We select speakers based on size, for instance, and place them so that the audio output directs toward the room’s central point, where you’d want to sit. Acoustic panels and plush carpets help control sound reverberation for fewer echo effects and, consequently, a clearer sound.


Benefit #3 - You Can Multipurpose Your Space as a Serenity Room

After CES and CEDIA’s 2019 reveals, biophilia has touched virtually every corner of the AV industry, not excluding audio. Julie Jacobson of CEPro recently shared her 2020 insights on the CEDIA podcast and forecasted that audio will play a role in creating more biophilic spaces. How can we bring the outdoors in with sound? Imagine hearing rustling trees or moving water right from your seat. Close your eyes and melt worries away while listening to a guided meditation in surround sound.

We at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle are also lighting control specialists; we can amplify your listening room mood for each occasion. Warm dimming control sets the scene for relaxation, while preset scenes like “Party” give you a private place to practice dance moves.

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Convinced that a dedicated listening room is the gift you want to buy yourself for the holidays? Cast aside your work anxiety and winter blues with a space that’s all yours.

When you’re ready to get started, call us at (214) 389-4985 or chat with us instantly using the message box to the bottom-right of your screen. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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