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Top Benefits of Lutron Motorized Window Treatments


Explore What Makes this Solution an Essential Component of Your Smart Home

As a trusted brand in the industry, Lutron knows how to make long-lasting and durable motorized window treatments to enhance your whole Dallas, TX home. Not only do their shades add convenience, comfort, and luxury to your living spaces, but they also deliver energy-efficient benefits for your entire property.

Want to learn what makes motorized shades stand out from their manual counterparts? Keep reading on below for more.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Continually lowering and raising up your shades throughout the day gets tiresome. As the sun shifts in the sky, so do the heat and intense sun rays beaming into your home, so you have to be diligent in bringing your shades up if you don’t want your interiors to get overheated. Exposed windowpanes allow for the cool air to escape through the glass, causing your air conditioner to work overtime to keep your house feeling bearable. The end result is a skyrocketing energy bill!

But with Lutron motorized shades integrated with your HVAC system, climate control, and photosensors, your window coverings will provide insulation for your whole house. As soon as a room starts getting too warm – or cold during the winter months – then your smart thermostat and sensors will alert your shades to lower and create a barrier between your interiors and the outside climate. Shades have a natural “air gap” between the shading material and window glass, preventing heat or cool air from escaping when you need it most. Integrated motorized shades then make it possible to provide insulation for your entire property, automatically or with just the tap of a button.

Convenient Home Office Setup

No matter where your home office is in your home, there is like a window nearby – which is great for illuminating your interiors with gentle sunlight and a terrible nuisance when that same sunlight shifts to your computer screen.

Don’t strain your eyes or struggle to figure out how to cover those hard-to-reach windows overhead. With Lutron motorized shades, you can get back to focusing on work and spend less time moving around the house to avoid that dreaded sun glare. Simply tap a button on your smart device or on your smartphone app to lower the designated shades with ease.

Protect Your Valuables, Artwork, and More

Just as the harsh sunlight can affect you, it has a significant impact on your delicate interiors and décor as well. Vintage furniture, precious artwork, and even your rugs and carpeting all can fall victim to sunlight’s UV rays over time. Don’t let the sun rays damage your valuables – Lutron shades can provide the needed protection for these items and more.

Want to learn more ways that Lutron shading solutions can transform your home and daily lifestyle? Give our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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