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Whole-House Audio Delivers Music & Media to Every Room


One Tap of a Button Brings Your Home Entertainment to Life

Music livens up any moment, taking even an ordinary task and transforming it into something enjoyable. With a whole-house audio system, you can enhance every part of your daily routine with an accompanying tune or a curated playlist – and all via the tap of a button!

Bring this upgraded soundscape to your home and watch as your day-to-day life gets a major boost. Want to know how this home audio distribution setup can transform your Dallas, TX property and your everyday lifestyle? Find out more by reading on below.

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Benefits of Whole-House Audio

Whole-house audio means you’ve got your favorite music and media at your fingertips. Listen to any media – music, radio, podcasts, or news – in any part of your home with just a button-press on your smart device, whether it’s your smartphone, touchscreen tablet, or wall keypad. Choose multiple rooms to play the same song, various media for different audiences, or just one area to stream your chosen piece or album. Manage and adjust your settings via just one single source.

Wake up to a new hit song in the morning to get your day started, and let music follow you throughout the house. Play background music to create ambiance for your next dinner party or get-together. Extend the fun outdoors with backyard speakers that play ambient noises or melodic tunes while you relax on the patio. The day-to-day options are endless with whole-house audio throughout your home.

Work with DeVance Electronic Lifestyle

A whole-house audio system will seamlessly integrate throughout your property. Even though it’s not complicated to operate, the system is not something you should implement on your own. Working with a professional integrator like DeVance Electronic Lifestyle is essential for your whole-house audio installation. We take care of every step of the process for you, from start to finish. 

Our team only works with the most trusted brands in the industry, ensuring your audio equipment is comprised of only high-end and top-quality products and devices. The final result will be an extensive and scalable system with audio solutions that are easy to use for the whole family.


Want to find out more about whole-home audio and how it can transform your home’s soundscape? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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