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Crestron Commercial AV Ties Together Your Conference Rooms


Create a Collaborative & Efficient Work Environment

You never want your Dallas, TX company’s daily work environment to become a hectic place for your employees. Proper communication is essential for your business to run smoothly from morning to evening! Commercial AV can make this streamlined setup possible.

A Crestron system provides and maintains an efficient and productive workspace. From video conferencing to room scheduling, Crestron has your offices covered. Keep reading to learn more about this brand’s benefits for your company!

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Crestron Flex: Easy Collaboration

Video conferencing might sound daunting to some at first. A whole room dedicated to this form of communication has many moving parts to bring you face-to-face, virtually, with any employee or client across town or the globe – but this doesn’t mean the process has to be complicated!

Crestron Flex is your go-to platform for all things conference room AV. Imagine crystal-clear, high-fidelity audio and vivid, high-definition visuals every time you set up a new video conference call. The system entails 360-degree microphone arrays and high-precision cameras with a 150-degree field of vision, so not a single person in the room is excluded; it’ll feel like those on the other side of the screen are right there in the same space as you.

The Crestron Flex system makes it possible to collaborate via a native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms experience – or any popular platform of your choice. With its BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) feature, anyone can easily connect their laptop, tablet, or phone via a USB. Within an instant, your whole team is connected and ready to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Room Scheduling: Avoid Confusion & Double-Booking

When you and a group of colleagues walk up to the conference room for an important video conference call with a client and, at the same time, another set of employees strolls up – it can lead to an awkward and stressful situation. Double-booking boardrooms means delayed meetings and rescheduled calls that can be detrimental to your client relationships.

With Crestron Room Scheduling, you can manage and book rooms throughout your company building with just the tap of a button. On a single touchscreen, you check room availability, see the day’s schedule, adjust meeting times, and much more to book your conference rooms with ease.

Intuitive touchscreens, overhead light indicators, and occupancy sensors all make up the Crestron system that eliminates any confusion or frustration for everyday meetings and presentations across the company.

Want to find out more about these innovative Crestron systems and solutions for your business? Give our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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