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A Custom Home Theater Elevates Every Viewing


Bring the Feel of the Local Cinema to Your Own Home!

Want to feel that booming rumble that starts in your feet and resonates throughout your body – immersing you entirely in the film or TV show on screen – like never before? You can experience this kind of entertainment within the walls of your Dallas, TX home with a custom home theater installation.

The right audio-video components, comfy seating, and proper integration deliver a home theater setup that surpasses the one you’d find in your local cinema. Keep reading below to see how you can take your at-home movie viewings to a brand-new level!

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Stunning Visuals & High-End Audio

What makes a custom home theater stand out and above the type of experience you get in the theater down the street? Everything comes back to its audio-video performance. Complete customization means you decide which AV products and solutions bring together your theater system and setup. Trusted brands like Focal and McIntosh make up a surround sound system that envelops you in high-fidelity audio above, behind, and all around you. Installed acoustic treatments help regulate and maintain a sound performance that stuns every time.

An ultra-high-definition 4K projector or screen blows you away with vivid, crystal-clear visuals when you press play, driving you right into the action on the screen. When you experience your films and shows like that right in your own home, you’ll never want to go to the overly loud town theater with sticky floors and over-priced concessions again.

Plus, you can customize your home theater to make it look and feel exactly how you want! Bring in framed posters of your favorite movies or film franchises, install a snack bar for convenience and enjoyment mid-movie, and sit back and relax in comfortable seating that provides support throughout a showing of any length.

A Team of Professionals on Your Side

Our team of experts at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle is here to make your custom home theater dream a reality. Just as each AV component is your choice – we can guide you with every step and decision. We know the most trusted brands in the industry and which products have their place in your theater installation and setup.

We take care of every part of the process. From wiring and equipment placement to the finishing touches that ensure your system works smoothly and the overall aesthetic all look refined and to your liking. When it comes to your home entertainment upgrade, you don’t want to rely on a DIY setup. Our team of professionals can guarantee an end result you will enjoy for years and years to come.

Want to find out more about a custom home theater installation and what your setup will entail? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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