Create Balance And Beauty In Your Home With A Circadian Lighting System


Integrating Human-Centric Natural Light Control Combines Wellness And Design

The light of the sun is a vital element to most life on earth. The regular rise and setting of the sun have dictated our human activities for centuries until the advent of artificial light. Our development of both biological and cultural expressions has taken their cues from the cycles of natural light. 

Extensive research shows that the natural rhythms of light and dark influence our physical and emotional well-being. All too often, home lighting focuses on the practical aspects, providing light to guide your way in the dark. This results in illumination that is cold and uninspiring, ignoring and even actively masking the vibrancy and vigor that natural light furnishes. 

circadian lighting system works to complement and accent the use of natural light in your Southlake, TX, home. 

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Illumination with Purpose

Traditional lighting systems work well enough when illuminating a room or adding a touch of ambiance through dimming, but they often come up short. The limitations of filament bulbs and standard LED lamps tend to produce a small spectrum of color temperatures. Cold colors leave a room looking dull and sap your energy throughout the day.  

Architects and interior designers have long understood the value of letting outside light into the home. In part, the warm colors of the day enhance a room, making it inviting and invigorating. A human-centric lighting system in combination with motorized shades enhances your living spaces and your lifestyle. 

Ketra Lighting, purchased by Lutron in 2018, came to life based on its founder’s belief that our electric illuminations can do so much for our daily lives and health. The system strives to work in concert with the ebb and flow of daylight. Start your mornings with a softbright glow that morphs into matching the colors outside and transitioning into warm colors and lower intensity as you get ready for sleep. Optimized smart control, sensors, and geolocation tools automatically match the light outside for your region and time of day.

Sophisticated Personal Control  

The merger between Lutron and Ketra now means the HomeWorks line of controllers can control the tunable lighting system. Whether you are using the keypads, wall plates, mobile app, or even your voice, personalized control is possible. 

The Alisse wall controllers bring elegance and sophistication with customizable and intuitive button configurations. A variety of styles and exquisite metal finishes mean that single-touch control complements any decor. 

Use the power of your voice to bring up task lights, dim your home theater before the movie, or transform your backyard into a dynamic entertainment space while never having to lift a finger. The mobile app allows you to adjust the lights, lower the shades, and set the temperature from the next room or half a world away. 

Harness the power of natural lighting with the revolutionary Ketra circadian centric lighting system. Improve the look of your rooms, accent the benefits of daylighting, and bring your health and sleep into balance. 

Do you want to hear how a more human-centric lighting system can be part of better home life? Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!   

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