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Why Lutron Is Our Favorite Commercial Lighting Automation System

Why Lutron Is Our Favorite Commercial Lighting Automation System

In 1959, Joel Spira invented the rotary dimmer switch, Lutron’s initial claim to fame. Lutron’s popularity soared through consequent decades as they created customized lighting automation systems, motorized shades and controls for homes and businesses, perfecting their product offering along the way. Now one of the most significant names in the smart home industry, they’re innovating LED lighting, tunable lighting and motorized shades for Dallas, TX, offices like yours.

But with the other automated lighting systems out there, why do we consistently choose Lutron for business applications? You’ll discover a few of those reasons below!

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Streamlined Connection

Lutron uses custom repeaters that employ radio frequency technology to communicate, ensuring the smoothest connection and minimal network interference. This system, called Clear Connect RF, means that you never have to compromise the bandwidth needs of your AV system with your lighting and shading requirements, which pays off if you’re controlling many devices throughout a large, tech-heavy office. And whether you have two lights or two hundred, you can control dimming and color temperature, monitor energy usage or power down your whole office from anywhere by using your Lutron app.

Human-Centric Setup

Static lighting - illumination that doesn’t change temperature or brightness throughout the day - occupies most commercial centers: The American Society of Interior Design reports that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting in their offices. We can blame this trend on the ubiquitous fluorescent light that raises many staff complaints - ranging from unshakable midday lethargy to early-morning jitters.

We recommend Lutron’s lighting control for businesses aiming to implement the lighting that humans need to thrive. Its brilliance and tone shift imperceptibly throughout the day but impact our productivity, alertness and well-being in noticeable ways. You might notice that your staff seems more focused and alert, even during that late-afternoon meeting.

Employees obtain more control, too: Set control pads around the office so that designated staff can adjust illumination according to task. If someone stays late and needs to break the circadian schedule, for example, they can select a lighting scene made for increased focus.

Motorized Shades Selection

Lutron motorized shades offer unexpected benefits. With several shade models and nearly 1,500 colors to choose from, you can block ambient light and show off your presentation with style. Automated window treatments also contribute to the lighting scenes mentioned above. For example, a “Study” scene might slightly raise your blinds to let some soft daytime lighting inside.

Conserve company resources by protecting your HVAC system from overworking by trapping hot air outdoors during the summer. Similarly, cellular shades harvest light and heat rooms naturally in cold months, adding welcome radiant heat to your office, no energy spending required.


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Ready for a more comprehensive look at lighting control and how you can apply it to your commercial space? Want to learn more about Lutron products in general? To explore our commercial lighting solutions, call DeVance Electronic Lifestyle at (214) 389-4985 or visit our website. You can also click on the chat box in your browser to speak with a customer service associate.

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