3 Key Components for Smart Home Theater Design


Create the Ultimate Entertainment Setup in Your Own Home

The best home theater design is one that is completely dedicated to you – the viewer and audience. In your own Dallas, TX home, you deserve the most immersive experience every time you press play.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what can take your private home cinema setup from the standard you’ve come to expect at the local theater – to a brand-new atmosphere that goes above and beyond right in your home.

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Stunning AV Solutions

It all begins and ends with what’s up on the screen – and what you’re hearing. For your home theater to draw you in, no matter what media is playing, you need displays and speakers that truly stand apart from the rest.

With 4K screens – whether flat or projection – you can see your favorite films and TV shows in a whole new way. Enjoy vivid colors and deeply contrasted picture quality that you won’t see any pixels in regardless of how close you are to the screen.

High-end speakers make up a surround sound system that ensures your media’s audio reaches every ear in the room. You’ll hear someone walking by you or a plane flying above you as it plays out on screen. It’s absolute immersion without ever leaving your seat.


Comfortable Seating

Some commercial theaters have comfy seats to kick back in – but others leave much to be desired. For your own home theater, the seating will surpass anything you’ve experienced. You can decide to customize your seating to match a desired theme or to fit the preferred layout of your room.

We make sure your seating material is as comfortable as it is durable and appropriate for your soundscape. Anything brought into the room must mesh well with the existing acoustics or require new treatments to guarantee proper audio performance. You won’t experience bouncing or reflecting audio, or sound distortion of any type. Only crystal-clear dialogue, heightened ambient sounds, and musical scores will envelop you as the film or show continues!


Smart Home Control

The smart automation that the rest of your home gets to benefit from shouldn’t be limited to only non-entertainment spaces. Your home theater is the perfect place to implement much-needed smart home technology that not only makes enjoying your next film viewing a breeze – but also enhances the whole experience entirely!


With a press of a button, you can lower any blackout shades in the room and dim the lights or turn them off completely. Your pathway lighting can illuminate on the carpet, as your preferred temperature is set on your smart thermostat. Your whole AV system can then turn on, as your screen rolls down and the speaker volume turns up.

Hide Components with Whole-Home Audio Distribution
Create the Ultimate Huddle Room Space

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