Bring Incredible Sound to Your Home Cinema Setup


What McIntosh Audio Adds to A Home Theater System 

Going to the movies again seems a bit up in the air these days – but what if you could bring that cinematic experience to your own Dallas, TX home? Home theater systems can transform your entertainment space and elevate every movie night or TV show marathon. 

For a proper home theater setup that the whole family can enjoy, you need top-notch audiovisuals and comfy seating in order to create the ultimate viewing atmosphere. In this blog, we’ll focus on what makes up a cinema’s soundscape. Want to learn more? Keep reading on below.

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How A Theater’s Sound Impacts You

High-fidelity home theater sound should immerse you in a scene entirely. Imagine feeling your couch or seat shake every time a car zooms by or when a sweeping score overtakes the film. With a surround sound system in your theater, you can experience your media the way it should be heard and felt. 

Our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyles can properly install high-end speakers and acoustic wall treatments throughout your theater room so that all your audio equipment is geared towards benefiting the audience. We know the best products and the right seating material that will absorb and reflect sound to keep levels balanced. We can combine style, design, and impressive functionality with every element of your sound system.

McIntosh Reference Home Theater System

Just as our team is comprised of experts in the home theater industry, we can also recommend trusted brands that deliver on performance time and time again. For your cinematic sound, we know that McIntosh theater systems are reliable and provide a level of immersion you have to experience to believe. While McIntosh offers several theater systems, specifically, their Reference Home Theater System is the most extensive, and it includes the most of their AV components. 

An incredible McIntosh home theater processor will bring together all of these audiovisual components in the room and will take into account those strategically placed speakers and acoustic treatments we mentioned above. In this way, your theater will feel seamlessly catered to you and your experience, so your media’s sound envelops you with every viewing. No matter your home theater setup or sizing, your processor can be customized to match its layout and needs. This solution and the powerful amplifiers and loudspeakers of the Reference system make for a home cinema you can enjoy for any film, TV show, or video game.

Want to find out more about a home theater system, with an impeccable sound system from McIntosh? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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