Top Smart Home Security Essentials


What You Need to Keep Your Family and Property Safe at All Times

During this uncertain time, your home is the one place you should be able to feel safe, always. Elevating your home security at your Dallas, TX property is a must - but what does a smart system entail exactly?

In this blog, we’ll dive into what security features and technologies you need for a smart security system that can alleviate your stresses and give you peace of mind.

Keep reading below to learn more about this smart solution.

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Smart Surveillance Cameras

Having eyes on your entire property can ease all your worries. Whether you’re getting ready for bed, or one day in the future getting ready to travel across the globe again, you can have easy access to viewing your whole home within seconds.

Simply pull out your smartphone or another smart device of choice, and you can immediately see every area of your property. With top-notch surveillance cameras installed throughout it, there won’t be a single room or space left without coverage. 

Often considered the essential feature to a security system, surveillance truly is hard to beat when it comes to instant access to real-time or recorded video footage right on your phone.

Smart Door Locks

Guarding your entryways and gates is crucial. With smart locks, you get to take complete control over your who enters your home and who has access to those entryways at all times. 

Manage who is allowed in via your smartphone or with a private code you can give your friends and visiting family for when they’re back to coming over soon. You can use the surveillance cameras located at your front door to show you who’s there – whether it’s a neighbor or the delivery person dropping off packages.

If you see it’s delivery, you can even unlock the locks and open the door right from your smart device, letting them place the packages right inside your doorway. You can then immediately lock the door again once they’ve left. You’ll eliminate the need for contact and will also prevent porch pirates from jumping onto your possessions.

Smart Alarm System

Your security alarms can be the difference between preventing a break-in and having to deal with the aftermath. If there’s a fire starting or even a hint of smoke, your smart alarms won’t just sound off to alert you and your family. They’ll alert the proper authorities immediately. So the instant a window is broken, you can know that the police are on their way to your home.

Arming your alarms is a breeze and will be like second nature before bed or when you leave home. You can go to sleep, knowing that you and your family are safe and secure at all times with just a press of a button on your smart device.


Want to find out more about the top features a home security system has? Our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle is here to help. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you.


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