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Control4 Makes Your Day to Day a Breeze


From Morning to Evening, This Trusted Brand Delivers a Fully Integrated Smart Home

Smart home automation is here to simplify your whole day! When your home has innovative and trusted solutions from Control4, you enjoy a system that meets your every need at any time of the day.

Incorporate smart technologies into your daily routine, and you’ll find that time at home is more easily enjoyed and streamlined. Keep reading below to learn how a Control4 smart home automation system transforms your Southlake, TX, property and everyday lifestyle.

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Morning Wake Up

When you awake to gradually rising motorized shades and music slowly bringing you out of your slumber, the rest of your day runs more smoothly! Set your blackout shades to rise before your alarm goes off, letting you adjust to the natural sunlight at a slower pace. Your interior lighting control can also gradually brighten in your bedroom and bathroom, properly illuminating your hallways down to the kitchen. It creates a relaxing and comforting atmosphere that sets your course for the day. Control4 lighting and shading set the scene, while the brand’s multi-room AV performance keeps your spirits lifted.

Productive Workday

If you’re like many homeowners who have found themselves working from home this past year, then you know how crucial it is to stay focused and achieve your goals for the day. Control4 provides the ideal home office setup with trusted AV solutions you can rely on, including a network connection that won’t fail you in the middle of a video conference call or important client meeting. Not to mention that tunable lighting delivers blue lighting during these midday hours to ensure you don’t grow sluggish or unproductive; you’ll stay on track and motivated to move onto the next task and the one after that.

Winding Down for the Evening

A Control4 audio-video system lets you play your favorite music and media in any part of your home with installed speakers and displays. Listen to melodic background music while eating dinner in the dining room and end your day with a family-favorite movie in the media room. Read a book by dim and warm lighting in the foyer and press a button to turn off every fixture and lower every shade as you head upstairs. When you’re ready to go to bed, pick up on a show at the exact place that you paused it elsewhere in the house. Then, right before falling asleep, press a single button to arm your entire Control4 security system.

Want to learn more about what Control4 solutions can do for you? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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