The Ultimate Surround Sound Experience for Your Home Theater

A large home theater with plush chaise lounge seating, a large screen, and a Sony projector.

Create the Immersive Cinematic Experience with the Latest Home Theater Systems

Thanks to advances in home audio and video technology, the increase in on-demand video streaming, and movie servers like Kaleidescape, custom home theater systems are more popular than ever. These entertainment spaces bring the immersive cinematic experience to homes in Dallas, TX, and nationwide. 

Where do your thoughts turn when you envision your private cinema? For many people, the picture that pops into their mind is the brilliant life-like images on the large wall-size movie screen. And, while this is certainly top of the list in essential home theater elements, it's the audio, the immersive surround sound, that takes you into the scene depicted on the screen. 

Let’s explore the makings of the ultimate cinematic experience and how the audio sets the stage.

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The Immersive Home Theater Experience

The best home theater experiences transport you to another place in time. Part of this experience comes from a properly configured high-fidelity speaker system that accurately relays the dynamic range of movie soundtracks, from the softest whisper to the subtlest nuance of the music score to the sound effects exploding on screen.

Dolby Atmos is considered the standard for the immersive home theater experience. It debuted in 2012 in the Disney-Pixar movie Brave. Now, all major Hollywood movie studios have incorporated the technology. In addition to the speakers surrounding you, this system includes in-ceiling speakers. 

For homeowners with low ceiling heights below 10 feet, we may recommend up-firing Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers that bounce sound off the ceiling. Standard configurations for this 3D audio format are nine ear-level speakers, two overhead or ceiling speakers, and two subwoofers.

Dolby Atmos is an object-based audio that allows mixers to place sound objects in space, creating an enveloping 3D bubble that surrounds the listener. Every sound in a scene, from the hummingbird landing on a branch to the wind whistling through the trees, may be a separate sound object placed in space. Some of these objects move, such as when cars screech across the screen or the helicopter takes off in front of you before flying overhead. 

The result is the most immersive cinematic experience available that suspends disbelief and makes viewers feel that what they're watching is real.  

Custom Tailored Solutions

While technology is a critical element in home entertainment, the design creates the personalized home cinema. Some theaters may possess similar projectors, movie screens, and speakers, but no two are alike. At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, our team of designers and integrators create tailored home entertainment and technology solutions unique to each client. With 20 years of experience and a detail-oriented approach, we’re confident this space will become one of the favorite rooms in your home. 

Our team considers the space, style preferences, entertainment options, and budget to determine the best layout for your one-of-a-kind home theater. Optimized seating guarantees no sightline issues, and strategic speaker placement delivers the enveloping home theater experience for every viewer. 

To learn more about the latest home theater systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DeVance Electronic Lifestyle today.

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