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3 Ways Smart Lighting Can Save You Money

A bedroom uses dimmed lamp lighting in the evening.

Learn How Dimmers, Sensors, and Timers Help Lower Energy Use

How many times do the lights get left on in your house? Unfortunately, it happens more often than you know, costing you additional money on your utility bill. But pairing a smart lighting control system with dimmers, sensors, and timers throughout your home is an easy way to cut back on unnecessary energy use. 

Not only is smart lighting a money saver, but it is also a daily convenience you will enjoy in your home. Many clients say they didn't know they needed smart lighting, but they'd never go back once installed. We'd love to help you experience smart lighting and see if you love it as much as they do.

Continue reading to learn how dimmers, sensors, and timers work with smart lighting to save energy in your Dallas, TX, home.

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Dimming Lowers Wattage and Electricity Use

Have you ever noticed the calming effect a dimly lit room can have on your mood? Whether you're getting ready for a quiet evening meal, chatting with friends, or relaxing with a book, dimming is an easy way to add a serene aesthetic to the evening. Or, perhaps you're working at home during the day and notice that you need only a little extra light for a particular task - dimming could also save energy in that situation.

No matter why you add dimming to your smart lighting system, the outcome should be electricity savings and extending light bulb life. Lightbulbs used consistently on a dimmer can last years longer than they typically would. Because of the opportunity for lower energy use, some local and state governments even offer residential rebates and incentives for installing dimmers.

Smart Lighting Sensors 

Tackle the lights left on issue by installing light sensors throughout your home. There are a variety of sensors to choose from, but motion sensors, occupancy sensors, and photosensors are the most common residential options.

Motion sensors are a good option for outdoor lights and can be activated to turn on when they sense movement in driveways, entryways, or garages. In addition, motion sensors are often paired with security systems to illuminate spontaneous activity.

Occupancy sensors recognize when a room has been left unattended and turn the lights off to help save energy. In contrast, photosensors help regulate energy use by balancing natural light levels with artificial light throughout your home.

Set Timers When You're Away

Smart lighting controls let you schedule light patterns throughout the day. This feature is beneficial for security while you're away as it makes your home appear as though someone is there. However, timers are also great for children's rooms, outdoor lights, and entryways. You can even schedule all of the lights in your home to turn off when you leave for work each day.


With smart lighting installed in your Dallas, TX, home, you'll be able to keep money in your wallet and improve the convenience of your daily life. Please contact us to learn more about smart lighting options and how you can use them.

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