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Top Three Benefits of Smart Home Automation


Bring Convenience & Luxury to Your Daily Lifestyle

While the holiday season can feel stressful, especially during this unique year, now is the perfect time to bring smart home automation to your Southlake, TX living space. For added convenience, comfort, safety, and overall luxury, a smart home system can elevate your life not only during the holidays but all year long. No one knows how long social distancing recommendations will last, so why not make your home feel more like a sanctuary that’s not only functional but elegant and reliable?

Want to find out the top benefits of a system’s solutions? Smart home technologies have endless features to simplify your routine and elevate your whole property. Keep reading below for more!


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Make Daily Life Easier

A home automation system eases up your day-to-day with centralized, one-touch control that requires zero hassle! By tapping a button on your smart device of choice, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or stylish wall keypad, you can control every smart solution in your home from any part of your residence – or remotely!

You get to command your whole day right from the palm of your hand. Is the sun shining a bit too harshly into your living room or kitchen? Press a button to lower your motorized shades and brighten the space with automated lighting control. Kick back and relax by adjusting the temperature on your smart thermostat - and turning on melodic background music just as easily.

From morning to evening, smart home automation can create an intelligent, intuitive environment that is entirely catered to you, with smart home solutions that you can build upon as the years go by. A scalable system lets you start small and expand as you see fit or as new technologies catch your attention. This complete customization gives you optimum performance every day in your own home.

Enhance Security

Smart automation is about making life easier for you – but keeping your family and home safe at the same time is a benefit that tops the rest. With smart home solutions that you can rely on at all times, your system can help prevent break-ins and keep your home guarded while you’re home or away.

Installed smart surveillance cameras, smart locks, and smart alarms ensure you can sleep soundly at night or while you’re at work or out of town. Set your system to “away,” and you can even utilize your shades and lighting to operate as normal throughout the day – fooling potential burglars into thinking you are home. Give yourself peace of mind with these innovative solutions that protect your property around the clock.

Liven Up Your Spaces

Setting “scenes” is all a part of the luxurious experience of a smart home system – for enjoyment, entertaining, and interior design purposes. Press a button to illuminate your spaces with tunable lighting or natural sunlight from raised shades. You’ll create an inviting atmosphere that can accentuate your artwork, furniture, and décor.

With whole home audio video, you can turn on your favorite tunes or get the game up on your 4K TV screen as you prep dinner in the kitchen. Speakers throughout your home let you enjoy music as you go about your day, no matter in which part of the house you are.

Feel cozy during any season with climate control, work from home with ease with an upgrade smart home network – and never feel that your solutions are interfering with your interior design! Every automated and AV technology will seamlessly blend into your home setup with professional installations from DeVance Electronic Lifestyle.

Give your homelife a boost with smart home automation. Want to learn more about how these solutions will benefit you? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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