Top 3 Benefits of an Innovative Lighting Automation System


Add Convenience, Safety, and Beauty to Your Living Space with a Tap of a Button 

Lighting can transform any space it illuminates. But what if you could control where and when it brightens up different parts of your Dallas, TX home? This is the power that lighting automation brings to your daily routine and lifestyle.

By just simply pressing a button, you can operate your entire system with ease. In this blog, we’ll dive into the top benefits of lighting automation and how this smart solution can elevate your life at home.

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Improved Convenience and Comfort

Lighting fixtures throughout your home and in out-of-reach areas are wonderful for illuminating your entire property. But when it comes to having to operate all of them individually, it can be quite a hassle.

A lighting automation system lets you control every fixture, in every room, from one centralized source. Using a smart device of your choice – whether a smartphone, tablet, remote, or wall keypad – you can turn on or off every light throughout your property. You can even decide to turn off all the lights downstairs but keep select ones on upstairs and in the bedroom.

Lighting “scenes” can make controlling your system easier as well. A “Goodnight” scene can turn off every light inside and ensure your landscape lighting stays on until the morning. An “Evening” scene can dim the lights in your living room and throughout your other frequented spaces in your home, giving the overall appearance a warm glow. The possibilities are endless with smart lighting control.

Heightened Security Features

Lighting automation can also benefit other aspects of your smart home setup. Smart lighting control seamlessly integrates with your smart security system. When you’re leaving home for the day or a week-long trip, you can keep your property safe even while it’s unoccupied.

Setting an “Away” scene can keep your lights and motorized shading operating as usual, as though you were still home. This mimicry of your typical routine can fool any potential burglars eyeing your property; they’ll instead steer clear, assuming that your home is occupied and full of life.

Outdoor lighting can also prevent intruders from roaming around your property at night. And if your installed motion sensors detect movement, your lights can immediately flood the area. This will not only scare away unwanted guests but also will brighten up your captured surveillance footage to review.

Enhanced Home Design

Whether for your interior design or outside curb appeal, lighting has a way of adding a personalized touch of flair to your property. Set your system’s schedule to turn on your outdoor lighting at sunset, gradually growing brighter as it gets darker. You can do the same for sunrise, or even install photosensors to determine for you what lighting intensity is best at all times.

With Lutron lighting control, you can have your pick of elegant lighting products – from dangling fixtures and spotlights to illuminating sconces and LED lighting strip – to dress up your home and make it not only feel livable but also look like a warm, inviting space. 

Lighting automation can elevate your entire property – want to find out more about this smart solution and what it can do for your home? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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