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Hide Components with Whole-Home Audio Distribution


Enjoy music in any room of your home

An audio distribution system seems like a great addition to your Dallas, TX property. Streaming music throughout your house is exciting, and studies, like a recent one from Sonos, show that it can enhance your lifestyle in surprising ways. The results showed users cook, communicate, and engage more when music was included as part of their routines. But for some, the idea of adding clunky components to each room seems daunting. What you might not realize is that simple solutions are available to hide these sound installations. What does music distribution look like? Find out here.

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Hidden Speakers

The first thing you learn about a whole-home audio system is the concept of hidden speakers. Invisible, architectural speakers are compact devices built into the wall or ceiling that are designed to sound great in an enclosure. They're about the same size and shape as canned LED light fixtures, so the effect is invisible speakers that sound incredible.

The units are small and fixed overhead. That means assistance is essential for installation, design, and calibration. An invisible speaker system shouldn't have peak audio hotspots that sound louder in certain areas than in others. Each room features a high number of speakers, and specified zone control lets you manage your system setup quickly.

Modular Wall Speakers

A similar approach is to blend your speakers with your design. Instead of making them invisible, turn them into a bold accent. Wall-mounted, modular speakers that look as good as wall art enhance your decor while delivering the audio you love.

These speaker systems offer beautiful aesthetics, and you can add as many or as few modules as you'd like. Customizable configurations give you a lot of options to choose from to enhance the sounds of your room. Additionally, enjoy a striking centerpiece that draws the eye and works as an artistic accent.

Customizing Your System

Get the most out of your system with custom technology solutions. When you work with DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, you can enjoy the latest technology with seamless centralized control. Our AV solutions are designed to deliver impeccable performance in every room. With just one touch, you can use all the integrated systems within your property.

If you’re in the market for a smart, fun way to stream music throughout your home, click here or give us a call at (214) 389-4985 today!

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