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The Benefits and Features of a High-Quality Sound System

Two Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers in a room.

Enjoy the Immersive Experience of High-Performance Audio

Numerous studies have shown that music can lower stress-related hormones, lift our moods, and even ease pain. William Shakespeare understood this over 400 years ago, saying, "Music can raze out the written troubles of the brain.” It can bring us joy or sadness, motivation or relaxation, and transport us back in time. It’s a powerful medium. 

In light of its capabilities, we owe it to ourselves to experience it as the creator intended, hearing every note, detail, and beat. To accomplish that, you need a high-quality sound system for your Dallas, TX, home—a system that transforms your listening experience.

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Bring Beauty and Perfect Illumination to Your Home

A living room and open kitchen area with numerous light fixtures.

Create the Perfect Amount of Daylight and Electric Light with Smart Lighting Control

Lighting plays a significant role in a home’s design. In fact, some designers consider it the most important feature. Sunlight streaming through windows, under-cabinet lighting that leaves a soft glow, and architectural lighting illuminating a home’s best features in washes of light can almost leave you breathless.

Yet, how often do we experience our home's lighting at its best? Our days get busy, our nights busier, and before we know it, a day's gone by, and while our lights helped us perform the tasks at hand, they fell far short of leaving us with a sense of wonder. 

Today’s home automation system changes that. Now, your daylight and electric light are controlled with one touch or automated to respond to life's daily activities. Filtered sunlight finds its way through translucent fabrics, lights take on the soft glow of a setting sun, and lights the color of golden candlelight set the stage for dinner.

Let’s explore how the latest lighting control makes managing our home’s lights effortless, enjoyable, and breathtaking.

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How Can Luxury Speakers Transform Your Daily Audio Experience?

A living space featuring luxury speakers from Bowers & Wilkins

Bring Music & Media to Life Throughout Your Home

Our home media can impact every part of our day. Whether you’re enhancing an everyday moment or taking a party to a new level with music, your home AV should meet your needs for any occasion!

Upgrading your Dallas, TX, home’s soundscape can transform how you experience your entertainment entirely. Let DeVance Electronic Lifestyle bring luxury speakers from high-end brands to your property today, and learn more about this solution’s many benefits by reading on.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio Video with Solutions from High-End Brands

A Sonance outdoor speaker among a backyard’s foliage.

Experience Unparalleled AV in Your Backyard All Year Long!

Who says your best entertainment can only be found within your Dallas, TX home’s four walls? Your interiors aren’t the only living spaces that deserve high-end audio-video performance. But upgrading your outdoor audio-video system shouldn’t be something done with standard products. You need high-end solutions from trusted brands in the industry for your backyard setup.

Outdoor speakers and TV displays meant to endure the elements and wear-and-tear of nature are best for your upgrade. Keep reading below to see which top-tier products from leading brands we recommend for your outdoor space!

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