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Reduce Energy Costs by Switching to Smart Climate Control

Reduce Energy Costs by Switching to Smart Climate Control

According to the US Energy Information Association, HVAC usage accounts for 23 percent of total energy consumption by businesses. That means heating, cooling, and ventilating your spaces is a significant overhead cost. And if you're not careful, you could end up wasting energy and driving up the price tag of your monthly energy bill. Here, we'll show you how integrated technology can help you manage climate control in your Dallas, TX, business.


Smart Automation

Automated technology can help you reduce the amount of energy your thermostat is using. A combination of smart sensors and energy management software will help you stay afloat of what’s happening throughout your commercial space. And if you notice an opportunity to save, you can easily make adjustments with a single touch.

Many businesses use occupancy sensors to help manage light. But integrated technology means multiple systems can work together to help you benefit. When a room is not in use, your system can adjust the thermostat to a pre-set degree so that it won't waste energy cooling. And when someone enters the room, it will automatically lower the temperature.

Energy monitoring is a great way to keep track of the spaces that use the most electricity. Power meter controllers and branch monitoring transformers can help you keep track of specified areas so you can adjust settings to reduce costs.

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