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Learn the Difference that High-Quality Home Theater Receivers Make

A home theater with a large movie screen displaying a cityscape and in-ceiling speakers powered by Marantz.


Home theater receivers have revolutionized home entertainment by enhancing audio and video quality. These devices create an immersive experience while letting you connect the AV components, including speakers, subwoofers, gaming consoles, televisions, and projectors. 

No one piece of equipment is responsible for the quality of your home theater experience. The projector displays the image, and the speakers project the audio, but the receiver brings all these together, decoding sound formats and switching between sources. It's also the user interface that lets you interact with your home entertainment. 

Additionally, if your home theater is also the go-to for gaming sessions and listening to the high-fidelity sound of your treasured vinyl, you’ll need an AV receiver that can handle it all. To say it’s an essential part of an immersive home theater experience would be an understatement. 

At DeVance Electronic Lifestyle, we specialize in creating tailored technology and home entertainment solutions that are easy to use and enhance our clients' everyday lives. Today’s possibilities in home theater design offer some of the best entertainment available. 

Here, we’ll explore the part the receiver plays and how Marantz has transformed the experience.

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Few things make a home theater more immersive than today’s advanced surround sound, and your receiver plays a critical role. In addition to routing sound to the right places, it also decodes the sound format and amplifies the signals. For today’s all-engulfing audio, you’ll need a receiver with higher wattage and one that supports Dolby Atmos. 

It’s also important to consider scalability. Are you considering a 4K projector displaying content with Dolby Atmos capabilities, and are you looking for an immersive audio experience now or in the future? Make sure you have room to grow with a nine, eleven, or even thirteen-channel system.


Home theater receivers also enhance video quality, offering video formats that include 4K and HDR, creating vibrant colors and crystal-clear images. Customizable settings enable our AV experts to fine-tune your home theater system based on your preferences.


Marantz began in 1953 when Saul Marantz set out to create audio equipment that provided the clearest and most detailed sound. He succeeded.

The Marantz 11.2 Channel SR8015 is considered one of the best all-around receivers and the choice for home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles. Eleven powerful amplifiers create a detailed, dynamic, and immersive experience. It can also decode any of the latest AV formats, including Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X. Now, the movie’s thunderstorm surrounds you, and the jet booms overhead.

It also supports Dolby Vision, which uses scene-by-scene metadata to create richer colors and detail. You can also enjoy IMAX Enhanced and 8K ultra-high-definition quality video. 

The SR8015 allows wireless streaming content and seamlessly integrates with the Control4 home automation platform. Thanks to HDMI 2.1, this receiver can become the mastermind behind your home theater system. The end of 2022 saw Marantz deliver again, with four new AV receivers in their home cinema line. 

Are you ready to explore the possibilities in today’s immersive home theater? To learn about home theater receivers or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DeVance Electronic Lifestyle today.


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