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Is Your Backyard Ready for Entertaining?

Is Your Backyard Ready for Entertaining?

While the rest of the country might be enjoying a few more chilly days, Texas is in full summer mode, with the sun blazing! If you’ve been meaning to get outside more often and soak up that vitamin D, the smart approach is to set up your patio or backyard as the perfect spot for entertaining. Instead of driving somewhere just to enjoy the outdoors, you can simply step out the back door!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you can start entertaining friends and family in an amazing outdoor area, you need the right outdoor entertainment. Keep reading to learn about the best approach to an automation and audio/video system for your Celina or Prosper area home.

What You’ll Need

When setting up an audio/video system outdoors, there are some factors you need to consider that aren’t usually an issue with an indoor system. For example, as rare as rain is in Texas, you wouldn’t want a sudden rainstorm to completely fry your television or sound system. Another issue that’s far more common is having the electrical components overheat on those summer days. Even dust and wind can compromise the performance of the equipment.

Because of these factors, we suggest TVs that are specifically designed for outdoor use, unless they are adequately protected from the elements by a custom cover or enclosure. Here are a few of the brands we’ve found to have excellence performance and reliability:

For Televisions:

If you want 4K Ultra HD visuals on a sleek, thin display, the best brand is Séura. You might have heard of Séura in the context of hidden technology since they also provide excellent mirror televisions, but their outdoor TVs have the same level of quality. Séura’s weatherproof TVs are actually able to adapt to the amount of natural lighting in the space, so you get a great picture on both sunny and cloudy days.

For Sound Systems:

There are some fantastic audio systems that can be set up in your outdoor space. If you don’t already have a favorite brand, consider Origin Acoustics. They have a great selection of outdoor speakers and subwoofers designed for both landscaping and patio uses.

For Control:

The best audio/video systems are the ones that are easy to use. That’s why we recommend that you connect all of the technologies throughout your home (indoors and out) with a smart home automation system like RTI. Using just one app, you can do just about everything: change the music playlist, turn on a specific TV, adjust the volume, and even control your landscape lighting or turn on a water feature!


You can even have a system that adjusts everything at once for a given activity or purpose. Select the “Party” option to start a fun music playlist, put ambient art on the TV screens, get the water features going, and set the landscape lighting to a festive color scheme. In seconds, you’ll be ready for outdoor entertainment!


Next Steps

Does the thought of upgrading your backyard with these great entertainment technologies excite you? Us too! The next step in the process is to give our team of AV and automation experts a call at (214) 389-4985 or fill out this quick questionnaire. We can offer much more specific recommendations about the best entertainment setup for your home. 

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