Optimize Your Backyard This Summer with an Outdoor Video Upgrade

A family enjoying an upgraded outdoor video setup in their backyard.

Elevated Outdoor Spaces Make for Memorable Days with Friends & Family

Summer is practically here! And your family is itching for summertime fun and special times spent outside in the refreshing breeze on the patio or anywhere under the sun! But how can you upgrade your backyard entertainment to make the most of these outdoor spaces?

An elevated outdoor video setup makes all the difference for your next day spent outside with family and friends. A vivid screen display that can withstand the outdoor elements becomes the ultimate centerpiece for your Dallas, TX, backyard – bringing your favorite media beyond your interior walls.

Want to find out more about bringing an upgraded outdoor video system to your property? Keep reading below.

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Outdoor Video for Any Occasion

An outdoor TV can become the main attraction in your backyard - for a movie night event or playing background media for everyone to enjoy while they converse and catch up with one another. By tapping a button on your smart device of choice, you can fire up your TV by the pool, on the patio or porch, or anywhere in your backyard, and have your favorite film or show start.

Adjust the volume, switch channels or movies, and change the display settings with ease via one centralized source. Whether you have one screen or multiple throughout the premises, you can enjoy your home media outdoors the same way you experience it indoors.

Durable Design & High-Performance 

A main concern for many homeowners regarding outdoor video is how the TV screens hold up. But, rain or shine, your outdoor TVs can withstand even the harshest storms and outside elements and still perform beautifully the next day. A durable and high-end design means consistent performance every time you press play.

Experience a vivid 4K display, whether in the direct sunlight or long after the sun has set. Depending on where you want your screens – in the direct sun or partial shade – you can select the right display to accommodate the designated area. Through any type of weather, your outdoor video setup delivers a high-end performance you and your family can rely on every day of the year.[Salto de ajuste de texto]

Want to learn more about bringing an improved outdoor video setup to your backyard in time for summer? Give our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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