5 Household Items to Make Smarter with an RTI System

5 Household Items to Make Smarter with an RTI System

If the idea of living in a “smart house” is appealing to you, then you’re in luck. In recent years, more and more smart devices have been developed that make it super simple for you to manage every aspect of your home, from the lights to the television to even the window shades! Below, we cover some of the most common ways to upgrade regular parts of your Keller, Texas house to a full smart home control system. 


Thermostats are one of the most popular and common types of smart home technologies. A smart thermostat allows you to manage the temperature throughout your home anywhere, anytime. Just pull out your smartphone and select the temperature you want. Many of these thermostats learn your preferences over time, so they adjust automatically to keep your home at just the right temperature for comfort.


Go beyond basic light switches with a lighting control system that lets you create the perfect lighting environment in every room at the push of a button. Every fixture, from the ceiling fan to the accent lamps, can be managed by your smartphone, a tablet, or handheld remote. Each fixture’s brightness is adjustable, which is useful for energy efficiency—you don’t have to waste energy blasting the lights in rooms that have plenty of natural sunlight, for example.

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Blind and shade control

With motorized shades, you never have to manually open or close the blinds or drapes again. Instead, you can have your smart home control system automatically adjust the shades throughout the day. And when you’re relaxing on the couch and the setting sun causes a glare, you don’t have to break out of the comfort zone to close the shades—instead, tap that option on your smartphone and go back to relaxing.

Sound Systems

Whether you have a high-end sound system such as McIntosh or MartinLogan or a whole-house Sonos setup, there are many advantages to adding audio control to your smart home system. One app holds all of your audio sources, streaming services, playlists, and more, which makes the process of selecting and enjoying music as effortless as possible.


Skip the standard remote in favor of a smart one that makes it super simple to find the right show, station, or streaming service. Instead of a jumble of remotes that clutter up your coffee table, you can replace them all with one central tablet or smart remote that does it all.


RTI products

You can manage all of these aspects of your home and more with a smart home control system from RTI. RTI is one of our favorite automation brands because it streamlines multiple devices into one central, easy-to-use system. To try out an RTI system at our showroom, call us today at (214) 389-4985 or fill out this quick form, and we’ll get an appointment scheduled!

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