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3 Creative Uses for Your Home Audio Distribution System

3 Creative Uses for Your Home Audio Distribution System

When we talk about multi-room audio, also known as audio distribution, we often mention the most popular, common way to enjoy it – through streaming services like TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora and a host of others. Fortunately, our choice partners for home automation systems, Crestron, RTI and Control4, are compatible with multiple streaming applications, letting you find countless tracks to play anywhere in your home. While our clients love their music-streaming services, we’ve discovered more ways to engage with your favorite media, using home automation, high-end speakers, audio receivers and, of course, a customized installation.

Did you know that you can think beyond digital content and take full advantage of your home audio-video system in more creative ways? Keep reading to learn what we’d love to help you explore firsthand in your Highland Park, TX, home

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Old equipment, meet new technology. If you miss the long-gone days of listening to music from retro devices, we think you'll be delighted that these once-antique music players are making a comeback.

Bring those old favorites back better than ever by synching your device to the audio receiver, and you can bring back what some argue is the best way to hear their favorite tracks. With a multi-zone receiver, you can even use your turntable just for the dedicated listening room and stream music in every other space.


Most of us vividly remember the rise and fall of the CD player. You may recall the clunky, portable player that would often skip during a brisk walk, but it was one of the first opportunities to take your music with you. And just as CD players got more sophisticated, the iPod emerged and practically eradicated the classic compact disc.

Now, you can dust off some of those CDs from your closet and indulge in nostalgia, but this time, you’ll benefit from high-resolution speakers and maybe even voice control. Just connect your portable or stand-alone CD player to an audio receiver, and get ready to rewind a decade or two.


Audio distribution lets you connect audio to every video zone you choose, not excluding poolside and patio displays. Gather around the TV and enjoy football games with friends when SEC season gears up. Top-quality speakers, like the Bowers and Wilkins model pictured above, heighten the excitement by giving you multi-layered, surround sound that makes you feel as though you have a front-row seat at every game.

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Whether you want to relish how you played music “back in the old days” or can’t wait to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys with the best audio available, we at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can revamp your home entertainment.

To discover more ways to add distributed audio fun to your Texas home, contact us today for a free consultation. You can even chat with us instantly using the message box to the bottom-right of your screen. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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