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Explore What it Means to Live with Smart Home Automation

Explore What it Means to Live with Smart Home Automation

Since 2002, DeVance has been installing audio, video, and smart home automation systems in homes in the Dallas, Texas area. We desire to be your personal electronic lifestyle concierge, designing and installing systems in your spaces that adds convenience, safety, and luxury to your everyday life. Our systems are easy to use and can be tailored to your exact specifications. Continue reading to discover what our team has to offer.

What does it mean to have an electronic lifestyle?

Living an electronic lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have high-end electronics in your home, like fancy home theater systems and surround sound – or that you can turn the lights on with your phone. It means that your smart home matches your schedule, tastes, and can actually mirror your daily routines. It also means that all of your electronics are connected so that you can start or stop actions by hitting one button. There are many home electronics today that have apps you can download on your phone, but what if you could combine all those apps into one system, hit one button and your home will adjust just as you like it? Imagine coming home after work, driving into the garage and as you walk in the whole house audio system turns on your favorite playlist, the lights turn on, and the thermostat adjusts to a comfortable 73. All of those actions can be triggered by timers, by a motion sensor as you walk in, or by the garage door opening.

Our Sophisticated, Yet Simple, Solutions

These are our core services:

Lighting: Enjoy wireless controls of every light in your home – both inside and outside. Use automation to make waking up and coming home easier, and add dimmers to add a beautiful but cozy ambiance to your house. You’ll save energy and add style and convenience to every room.

Audio: If you love music, then you want to be surrounded by it all the time. Our multi-room audio systems allow you to hear evenly-distributed sound throughout your home, so you don’t miss a beat as you move from the front door to the backyard. Expand your music library by using Internet streaming platforms and still keep your personal collection at your fingertips with a sleek user interface.

Home Theaters: Bring the magic of the movie theater home by installing commercial-grade surround sound and HD or UHD picture in a dedicated theater or media room. We’ll work with you to customize your theater according to your needs and desires, as well as incorporate the right style or theme.

Networking & Cell Phone Boosting: To enjoy the luxury of an electronic lifestyle, you need a strong network to power your smart home. Cell phone boosting technology also makes talking on the phone clearer for those who have unreliable signal – especially in remote locations. We can make sure your Internet and phone signal are strong and reliable with our networking and cell phone boosting solutions.

Smart Home Automation & Integration: Unite all of your home’s best features together with smart home automation. We’ll connect your shades, lights, home theater, and audio so you can control all of them by hitting one button. Create specific scenes for waking up, saying goodnight or going on vacation by saving specific settings using a smart home app on a mobile device.

Are you interested in adapting an electronic lifestyle? Fill out this online form and we will schedule a time to meet with you and learn your needs.

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