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Essentials for a Backyard Setup that Caters to You


3 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Entertainment System

The colder months are rapidly approaching, and as the Texas sun becomes less intense, you might find yourself utilizing your outdoor spaces less and less. But even when the temperature starts to drop, you can still take advantage of your backyard area. With the right outdoor entertainment and home automation features, you can set up the ultimate gathering place for you, your family, and friends this holiday season.

Keep reading below to see how these top-notch smart solutions can elevate your whole Westlake backyard.

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Create an Inviting Backyard Kitchen & Dining Area

As sports are slowly coming back to your TVs, you can bring your favorite team outside with you via a trusted outdoor TV from Séura. Set up the perfect tailgate event in your outdoor kitchen area with high-end outdoor speakers all around your grill, dining area, and throughout your yard so that no matter where someone is – whether in cooking, eating, or relaxing – they can hear what is happening on screen.

You, of course, don’t have to limit this setup to a tailgate! Adjust your outdoor lighting to festive seasonal colors and turn on your heaters with the tap of a button, and play a classic holiday film for everyone to enjoy under the stars as they eat dinner or make drinks.

Relax by the Heated Pool & Hot Tub

Even as the weather gets chillier, you can still take a dip in the heated pool or wind down in your hot tub. But just because you’re in the water doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor AV products at all times. Your high-fidelity speakers and the vivid screen will be able to handle nature’s elements, including the harsh winds and freezing temps of winter. Turn up the volume, flip through channels, and play any type of media you’d like to relax and swim along to – with your smart device, you can make it all happen with one tap of a button, just as you would for your indoor systems.

Indoors & Out

The best part of your outdoor entertainment system is how intricately connected it is to your indoor one. With zero hassle, you can walk into the family room from the patio, where your favorite TV drama is playing on your outdoor screen and speakers, and then have the same show play in the same spot that you left off right in your indoor space. The same goes for your music!

Fire up your grill as you watch an intense action film on your screen or listen to a new album release, and quickly grab some ingredients from your indoor kitchen and never miss a beat! It’s seamless media play both indoors and outside with your integrated, centralized home AV system.

Enhance your outdoor entertainment today with the best solutions and optimize your system this upcoming season! Learn more about these technologies and how you can make the most of your setup by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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