Keep the Party Going Outside with Outdoor Audio


Coastal Source Provides High-End Equipment in Any Environment

There’s no reason to keep a get-together indoors when your backyard setup is just waiting for you. But even with outdoor heating, beautiful lighting, and comfy seating, you might wonder how your home entertainment can pack the same powerful punch that your indoor media does. The answer is with Coastal Source outdoor audio.

Enjoy your favorite tunes and media with the resilient Coastal Source systems and equipment that liven up your Dallas, TX property at the tap of a button. Want to learn more about these sound solutions? Keep reading on below.

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Entertainment Designed for the Outdoors

Enjoying high-end outdoor audio does not simply mean bringing indoor speakers outside and expecting the same kind of performance. Coastal Source provides outdoor audio solutions that not only blend in seamlessly with your backyard décor and layout but deliver an auditory experience that rivals the one in your media room every time you press play.

Whether you’re looking for larger 3-Way Ellipse Bollards or smaller Modulus Bullet Speakers from the brand, you can find the right products to spread throughout your property and create the ultimate expansive audio setup. Plus, you can add more to your system as you please, creating a distributed audio across your landscape that brings the high-fidelity sound to everyone’s ears no matter where they are.

Durable Design that’s Built to Last

Of course, not only is the performance and appearance of your outdoor speakers crucial – but also how they’ll endure the outdoor elements. Coastal Source speakers and solutions handle anything nature has to throw at them! Robust and consistent, this equipment endures high and low temperatures as well as rain, ice, snow, and flooding. The day after a storm, your speakers will respond and play your music and media just as clearly and perfectly as they had the day before.

With speakers and equipment that handle the wear and tear that the outdoors can dish out, you’ll be enjoying gatherings on your patio and throughout your backyard for years to come. This is the reliability in performance and design that Coastal Source guarantees!


Want to find out more about Coastal Source solutions for your next outdoor audio upgrade? Give our team at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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