Does Your Home Have the Proper Wiring for Smart Tech?

Does Your Home Have the Proper Wiring for Smart Tech?

Getting started with smart home technology is incredibly exciting. You get to pick out devices and solutions that will make your home more beautiful, energy-efficient, secure, and comfortable! But before you start picking out the fabrics for your motorized shades, ask yourself this question: “Is my home ready for smart home automation?”

Many homeowners throughout the Prosper, Texas area don’t realize that standard electrical wiring may not cut it for advanced automation technology. Even new construction doesn’t typically come with wiring suitable for reliably operating smart technology.

But don’t despair! There’s a simple solution in the form of prewiring services. Below, we answer the most common questions that homeowners have about prewiring. 

What is Prewiring?

Many smart home contractors (including DeVance Electronic Lifestyle) offer prewiring services that ensure your home has everything it needs to support all of its smart devices—both now and in the future as technology gets more advanced. Typically, these services include an initial assessment to get an idea of the quality of your home’s wiring. Based on that information, we may run new wires that are capable of handling whatever your smart devices need!

Why is Prewiring Necessary?

Standard wiring in homes often doesn’t go beyond AC power lines, TV cables, and maybe some phone lines. However, the majority of smart home devices operate using low voltage cabling. If your home is wired with the right types of cables, the sky is the limit for what you can automate!

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Who can do Prewiring?

As nice as it would be to knock everything out at once, your typical electrician doesn’t have the training or skill to do smart home wiring. Instead, you need to choose a contractor that is knowledgeable about low voltage wiring. For best results, choose a smart home automation company that can handle implementing every part of the system, from the initial wiring to ongoing maintenance.

When Should I Have My Home Prewired?

The best time to prewire a home is during the initial construction. Because the wiring hasn’t yet been blocked in by drywall, it’s a simple matter to implement the right cables and setup. DeVance Electronic Lifestyle collaborates directly with builders and architects to ensure new homes in the greater Dallas area have the best wiring for smart home success.

If your home is already built, then that’s okay too! Our technicians can retrofit wires to almost any location in your home, in many cases without impacting the look of your home at all, although some cases will require minor sheetrock repairs.

The prewiring is usually the first step of any home automation system installation. Once the wiring is in place, then your home is ready for installing lighting and shading control, multi-room music systems, 4K Ultra HD televisions, and more!

If you’re in need of prewiring services, give DeVance Electronic Lifestyle a call at (214) 389-4985. We work throughout the Dallas area, from Highland Park to Frisco to Southlake and further! Whether you’re looking for a few devices or full home automation, we are Texas’ top choice for smart technology. Contact us today to learn more.

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